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Follow Me (Paperback): Ricky Dillon Follow Me (Paperback)
Ricky Dillon 1
R311 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R112 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this inspiring and hilarious memoir, YouTube star Ricky Dillon gives you an exciting look into his personal life and reveals the ins and outs of being a young star online. A former member of the enormously popular YouTube group Our Second Life, alongside his good friend Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon has connected with millions of fans worldwide, with no less than the New York Times featuring him in an article about the new generation of social media influencers. Now, in his very first book, Ricky takes you into his day-to-day world and shows them what it's like to be a young star with a number of different creative interests, from crafting weekly videos to collaborating with other YouTube personalities to honing his career as a pop musician. Ricky also takes you into the inner workings of his personal fitness regimen and how he maintains a programme of health and wellness in all areas of his life. In addition to all of this, Ricky creates a set of challenges: from serious, contemplative tasks to the type of zany, hilarious stunts that he explores in his videos regularly, to create a book that is at once informative, inspiring, and incredibly fun. Follow Me captures the humour, creativity, and perseverance of one of today's most popular vloggers, with exclusive photos and additional insights that make this a must-read and must-have for fans everywhere

Definitely Hispanic - Growing Up Latino and Celebrating What Unites Us (Hardcover): ToBeConfirmed Definitely Hispanic - Growing Up Latino and Celebrating What Unites Us (Hardcover)
R469 R369 Discovery Miles 3 690 Save R100 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Filter Bubble - What The Internet Is Hiding From You (Paperback): Eli Pariser The Filter Bubble - What The Internet Is Hiding From You (Paperback)
Eli Pariser 1
R269 R158 Discovery Miles 1 580 Save R111 (41%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Imagine a world where all the news you see is defined by your salary, where you live, and who your friends are. Imagine a world where you never discover new ideas. And where you can't have secrets. Welcome to 2011. Google and Facebook are already feeding you what they think you want to see. Advertisers are following your every click. Your computer monitor is becoming a one-way mirror, reflecting your interests and reinforcing your prejudices. The internet is no longer a free, independent space. It is commercially controlled and ever more personalised. The Filter Bubble reveals how this hidden web is starting to control our lives - and shows what we can do about it.

Materialist Media Theory - An Introduction (Paperback): Grant Bollmer Materialist Media Theory - An Introduction (Paperback)
Grant Bollmer
R535 Discovery Miles 5 350 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Our technologies rely on an ever-expanding infrastructure of wires, routers, servers, and hard drives-a proliferation of devices that reshape human interaction and experience prior to conscious knowledge. Understanding these technologies requires an approach that foregrounds media as an agent that collaborates in the production of the world beyond content or representation. Materialist Media Theory provides an accessible, synthetic account of the cutting edge of the theoretical humanities, examining a range of approaches to media's physical, infrastructural role in shaping culture, space, time, cognition, and life itself. More than a mere introduction, Materialist Media Theory provides a critical intervention into matter and media, of interest to students and researchers in media studies, communication, cultural studies, visual culture, and beyond. Media determine our reality, and any politics of media must begin by foregrounding the media's materiality.

Communication, Society and Politics - Media Ethics and Global Justice in the Digital Age (Paperback): Clifford G. Christians Communication, Society and Politics - Media Ethics and Global Justice in the Digital Age (Paperback)
Clifford G. Christians
R606 Discovery Miles 6 060 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Today's digital revolution is a worldwide phenomenon, with profound and often differential implications for communities around the world and their relationships to one another. This book presents a new, explicitly international theory of media ethics, incorporating non-Western perspectives and drawing deeply on both moral philosophy and the philosophy of technology. Clifford Christians develops an ethics grounded in three principles - truth, human dignity, and non-violence - and shows how these principles can be applied across a wide range of cases and domains. The book is a guide for media professionals, scholars, and educators who are concerned with the global ramifications of new technologies and with creating a more just world.

Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism - Pakistani Women's Literary and Cinematic Fictions (Paperback): Shazia Rahman Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism - Pakistani Women's Literary and Cinematic Fictions (Paperback)
Shazia Rahman
R602 R487 Discovery Miles 4 870 Save R115 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism provides a nuanced analysis of Pakistani women's lives, particularly in terms of how they engage with the environment, through readings of their literary and cinematic fictions. Shazia Rahman demonstrates the ways in which these women explore alternative, environmental means of belonging, examines the vitality of place-based identities within Pakistani culture, and, as such, contributes to evolving understandings of Pakistani women-both in relation to their environment as well as to various discourses of nation and patriarchy. Deploying a postcolonial, ecofeminist approach, Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism allows theories of space and place-based identities to supply a framework for exploring everyday practices represented within Pakistani women's film and literature-the material reality of how people live among each other, deal with their environment, and intuit their relationship with the spiritual. By analyzing the cinematic and literary fictions that portray Pakistani women's engagements with the more-than-human environment, Rahman explains how nationalist and religious identifications exist simultaneously with less visible narratives of belonging, thereby enriching the understanding of the ways Pakistani women explore alternative, environmental ways of inclusion in order to counter dominant discourses of religious nationalism and global Islam.

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies - The Key Concepts (Paperback, 5th New edition): John Hartley Communication, Cultural and Media Studies - The Key Concepts (Paperback, 5th New edition)
John Hartley
R581 Discovery Miles 5 810 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Culture and Communication - An Introduction (Hardcover): James M. Wilce Culture and Communication - An Introduction (Hardcover)
James M. Wilce
R1,714 Discovery Miles 17 140 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

James M. Wilce's new textbook introduces students to the study of language as a tool in anthropology. Solidly positioned in linguistic anthropology, it is the first textbook to combine clear explanations of language and linguistic structure with current anthropological theory. It features a range of study aids, including chapter summaries, learning objectives, figures, exercises, key terms and suggestions for further reading, to guide student understanding. The complete glossary includes both anthropological and linguist terminology. An Appendix features material on phonetics and phonetic representation. Accompanying online resources include a test bank with answers, useful links, an instructor's manual, and a sign language case study. Covering an extensive range of topics not found in existing textbooks, including semiotics and the evolution of animal and human communication, this book is an essential resource for introductory courses on language and culture, communication and culture, and linguistic anthropology.

Design Unbound: Designing for Emergence in a White Water World, Volume 2 - Ecologies of Change (Paperback): Ann M.Pendleton-... Design Unbound: Designing for Emergence in a White Water World, Volume 2 - Ecologies of Change (Paperback)
Ann M.Pendleton- Jullian, John Seely Brown
R683 R535 Discovery Miles 5 350 Save R148 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Tools for navigating today's hyper-connected, rapidly changing, and radically contingent white water world. Design Unbound presents a new tool set for having agency in the twenty-first century, in what the authors characterize as a white water world-rapidly changing, hyperconnected, and radically contingent. These are the tools of a new kind of practice that is the offspring of complexity science, which gives us a new lens through which to view the world as entangled and emerging, and architecture, which is about designing contexts. In such a practice, design, unbound from its material thingness, is set free to design contexts as complex systems. In a world where causality is systemic, entangled, in flux, and often elusive, we cannot design for absolute outcomes. Instead, we need to design for emergence. Design Unbound not only makes this case through theory but also presents a set of tools to do so. With case studies that range from a new kind of university to organizational, and even societal, transformation, Design Unbound draws from a vast array of domains: architecture, science and technology, philosophy, cinema, music, literature and poetry, even the military. It is presented in five books, bound as two volumes. Different books within the larger system of books will resonate with different reading audiences, from architects to people reconceiving higher education to the public policy or defense and intelligence communities. The authors provide different entry points allowing readers to navigate their own pathways through the system of books.

The Quantified Self (Paperback): Deborah Lupton The Quantified Self (Paperback)
Deborah Lupton
R368 R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Save R65 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

With the advent of digital devices and software, self-tracking practices have gained new adherents and have spread into a wide array of social domains. The Quantified Self movement has emerged to promote 'self-knowledge through numbers'. In this groundbreaking book Deborah Lupton critically analyses the social, cultural and political dimensions of contemporary self-tracking and identifies the concepts of selfhood and human embodiment and the value of the data that underpin them. The book incorporates discussion of the consolations and frustrations of self-tracking, as well as about the proliferating ways in which people's personal data are now used beyond their private rationales. Lupton outlines how the information that is generated through self-tracking is taken up and repurposed for commercial, governmental, managerial and research purposes. In the relationship between personal data practices and big data politics, the implications of self-tracking are becoming ever more crucial.

Russian Roulette - The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump (Paperback): Michael... Russian Roulette - The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump (Paperback)
Michael Isikoff, David Corn 1
R400 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Save R142 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

RUSSIAN ROULETTE is a story of political skullduggery unprecedented in American history. It weaves together tales of international intrigue, cyber espionage, and superpower rivalry. After U.S.-Russia relations soured, as Vladimir Putin moved to reassert Russian strength on the global stage, Moscow trained its best hackers and trolls on U.S. political targets and exploited WikiLeaks to disseminate information that could affect the 2016 election. The Russians were wildly successful and the great break-in of 2016 was no "third-rate burglary." It was far more sophisticated and sinister -- a brazen act of political espionage designed to interfere with American democracy. At the end of the day, Trump, the candidate who pursued business deals in Russia, won. And millions of Americans were left wondering, what the hell happened? This story of high-tech spying and multiple political feuds is told against the backdrop of Trump's strange relationship with Putin and the curious ties between members of his inner circle -- including Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn -- and Russia. RUSSIAN ROULETTE chronicles and explores this bizarre scandal, explains the stakes, and answers one of the biggest questions in American politics: How and why did a foreign government infiltrate the country's political process and gain influence in Washington?

Search Engine Society (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Alexander Halavais Search Engine Society (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Alexander Halavais
R465 R377 Discovery Miles 3 770 Save R88 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Search engines have become a key part of our everyday lives. Yet there is growing concern with how algorithms, which run just beneath the surface of our interactions online, are affecting society. This timely new edition of Search Engine Society enlightens readers on the forms of bias that algorithms introduce into our knowledge and social spaces, drawing on recent changes to technology, industries, policies, and research. It provides an introduction to the social place of the search engine and addresses crucial questions such as: How have search engines changed the way we organize our thoughts about the world, and how we work? To what extent do politics shape search, and does search shape politics? This book is a must-read for those who wish to understand the future of the social internet and how search shapes it.

The Misinformation Age - How False Beliefs Spread (Hardcover): Cailin O'Connor, James Owen Weatherall The Misinformation Age - How False Beliefs Spread (Hardcover)
Cailin O'Connor, James Owen Weatherall
R497 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R104 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The social dynamics of "alternative facts": why what you believe depends on who you know Why should we care about having true beliefs? And why do demonstrably false beliefs persist and spread despite bad, even fatal, consequences for the people who hold them? Philosophers of science Cailin O'Connor and James Weatherall argue that social factors, rather than individual psychology, are what's essential to understanding the spread and persistence of false beliefs. It might seem that there's an obvious reason that true beliefs matter: false beliefs will hurt you. But if that's right, then why is it (apparently) irrelevant to many people whether they believe true things or not? The Misinformation Age, written for a political era riven by "fake news," "alternative facts," and disputes over the validity of everything from climate change to the size of inauguration crowds, shows convincingly that what you believe depends on who you know. If social forces explain the persistence of false belief, we must understand how those forces work in order to fight misinformation effectively.

Warrior Nation (Paperback, New edition): Michael Paris Warrior Nation (Paperback, New edition)
Michael Paris
R493 Discovery Miles 4 930 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

War has always been close to the centre of British culture, but never more so than in the period since 1850. "Warrior Nation" explores the way in which images of battle, both literary and visual, have been constructed in British fiction and popular culture since this time. The rise of war reporting has helped to shape a society fascinated by conflict, and the development of mass communications has aided in the creation of mass-produced martial heroes and the relation of epic adventures for political ends. To achieve national goals, the notion of war has been promoted as an activity of high adventure and chivalrous enterprise and as a rite of passage to manhood. Using a wide range of media, Michael Paris focuses on how war has been "sold" to boys and young men and examines the "warrior" as a masculine ideal.

Kardashian Kulture - How Celebrities Changed Life in the 21st Century (Paperback): Ellis Cashmore Kardashian Kulture - How Celebrities Changed Life in the 21st Century (Paperback)
Ellis Cashmore 1
R393 R310 Discovery Miles 3 100 Save R83 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Kardashian Kulture uses the royal family of celebrity culture to scrutinize wider understandings of 21st century life. Examining the worlds of business, politics, technology and entertainment, Ellis Cashmore shows how fundamental changes to the way we live have been prompted by celebrities. Examining today's celebrity-obsessed culture through the lives of a host of household names, including the Kardashians themselves, this book shows how celebrities have impacted on the wider culture from the birth of consumerism, the civil rights movements of the 1960s, and the growth of narcissism in the 1970s, to the rise of the paparazzi, reality television and the impact of social media, which has removed the barrier between celebrities and fans and led to the erosion of personal privacy. Celebrities are creations rather than people and ultimately, Cashmore argues, Kardashian Kulture is a product of our own making. Whether you regard celebrities as a witless bunch of overpaid show-offs or the conveyors of the zeitgeist is a matter of judgement and taste, the impact of the Kardashians and their kind is undeniable.

The Digital Plenitude - The Decline of Elite Culture and the Rise of New Media (Hardcover): Jay David Bolter The Digital Plenitude - The Decline of Elite Culture and the Rise of New Media (Hardcover)
Jay David Bolter
R633 R448 Discovery Miles 4 480 Save R185 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

How the creative abundance of today's media culture was made possible by the decline of elitism in the arts and the rise of digital media. Media culture today encompasses a universe of forms-websites, video games, blogs, books, films, television and radio programs, magazines, and more-and a multitude of practices that include making, remixing, sharing, and critiquing. This multiplicity is so vast that it cannot be comprehended as a whole. In this book, Jay David Bolter traces the roots of our media multiverse to two developments in the second half of the twentieth century: the decline of elite art and the rise of digital media. Bolter explains that we no longer have a collective belief in "Culture with a capital C." The hierarchies that ranked, for example, classical music as more important than pop, literary novels as more worthy than comic books, and television and movies as unserious have broken down. The art formerly known as high takes its place in the media plenitude. The elite culture of the twentieth century has left its mark on our current media landscape in the form of what Bolter calls "popular modernism." Meanwhile, new forms of digital media have emerged and magnified these changes, offering new platforms for communication and expression. Bolter outlines a series of dichotomies that characterize our current media culture: catharsis and flow, the continuous rhythm of digital experience; remix (fueled by the internet's vast resources for sampling and mixing) and originality; history (not replayable) and simulation (endlessly replayable); and social media and coherent politics.

Presidential Debates - Risky Business on the Campaign Trail (Paperback, third edition): Alan Schroeder Presidential Debates - Risky Business on the Campaign Trail (Paperback, third edition)
Alan Schroeder
R581 R452 Discovery Miles 4 520 Save R129 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Alan Schroeder's big-picture history recounts the phenomenon of American televised presidential debates and its evolution over the past half century. From pundits to political operatives, from debate moderators to the viewing public, Presidential Debates reveals how the various stakeholders make and experience this powerful event. For this third edition, Schroeder analyzes the presidential debates of 2008 and 2012 and the crucial role that social media and contemporary news outlets had in shaping their design and reception. He also expands his coverage of previous campaigns, including the landmark meetings in 1960 between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Schroeder details an insider's view of the key phases of the debate: anticipation, in which the campaigns negotiate rules, formulate strategy, and steer press coverage; execution, in which the candidates, moderators, panelists, and television professionals create and project the event; and reaction, in which the commentators, spin doctors, and viewers evaluate the performance and move story lines in new directions. New chapters focus on real-time debate responses and the extent to which postdebate news coverage influences voters' decision making and candidates' behavior.

Investigative Journalism - A Survival Guide (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019): David Leigh Investigative Journalism - A Survival Guide (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019)
David Leigh
R521 R369 Discovery Miles 3 690 Save R152 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

At a time of hyper-partisanship, media fragmentation and "fake news", the work of investigative journalism has never been more important. This book explores the history and art of investigative journalism, and explains how to deal with legal bullies, crooked politicians, media bosses, big business and intelligence agencies; how to withstand conspiracy theories; and how to work collaboratively across borders in the new age of data journalism. It also provides a fascinating first-hand account of the work that went into breaking major news stories including WikiLeaks and the Edward Snowden affair. Drawing on over 40 years of experience with world-leading investigative teams at newspapers including the Guardian and The Washington Post, award-winning journalist David Leigh provides an illuminating insight into some of the biggest news events of the 20th and 21st centuries. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes work of journalists and news organizations. It also acts as an essential practical toolkit for both aspiring and established investigative journalists.

Twopence Plain, Penny Coloured - Fifty Years of Furniture Advertising and Selling (Paperback): Ruth Artmonsky Twopence Plain, Penny Coloured - Fifty Years of Furniture Advertising and Selling (Paperback)
Ruth Artmonsky
R242 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R45 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Twopence Plain, Penny Coloured charts the way furniture has been sold to the British public for some 50 years - from the 1920s to the 1960s - from days when furniture was still being piled on the pavement in front of a workshop in the East End of London, to the heady days of experiencing a whole new life-style by a visit to Conran's. It covers the ever more splendid buildings in which manufacturers made and sold their wares, each competing with the others in terms of acreage covered and grandeur of facades; the special exhibitions in which the latest designs were put on show; the use of catalogues and leaflets - from single sheets to compendiums of hundreds of pages; and the use of press and hoarding advertising. The title 'Twopence Plain, Penny Coloured' is taken from a lecture at the Royal Society of Arts and refers to the constant battle, over the period covered by the book, between well-designed and well-constructed largely unadorned furniture made from good quality materials - consequently expensive - and mass-manufactured, frequently 'period' ornamented furniture, cheaply veneered and cheap to buy.

Arabs and Muslims in the Media - Race and Representation after 9/11 (Paperback): Evelyn Alsultany Arabs and Muslims in the Media - Race and Representation after 9/11 (Paperback)
Evelyn Alsultany
R503 R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Save R69 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

After 9/11, there was an increase in both the incidence of hate crimes and government policies that targeted Arabs and Muslims and the proliferation of sympathetic portrayals of Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. media. Arabs and Muslims in the Media examines this paradox and investigates the increase of sympathetic images of "the enemy" during the War on Terror. Evelyn Alsultany explains that a new standard in racial and cultural representations emerged out of the multicultural movement of the 1990s that involves balancing a negative representation with a positive one, what she refers to as "simplified complex representations." This has meant that if the storyline of a TV drama or film represents an Arab or Muslim as a terrorist, then the storyline also includes a "positive" representation of an Arab, Muslim, Arab American, or Muslim American to offset the potential stereotype. Analyzing how TV dramas such as West Wing, The Practice, 24, Threat Matrix, The Agency, Navy NCIS, and Sleeper Cell, news-reporting, and non-profit advertising have represented Arabs, Muslims, Arab Americans, and Muslim Americans during the War on Terror, this book demonstrates how more diverse representations do not in themselves solve the problem of racial stereotyping and how even seemingly positive images can produce meanings that can justify exclusion and inequality.

Radio Fields - Anthropology and Wireless Sound in the 21st Century (Paperback): Lucas Bessire Radio Fields - Anthropology and Wireless Sound in the 21st Century (Paperback)
Lucas Bessire; Afterword by Faye D. Ginsburg, Daniel Fisher
R592 R488 Discovery Miles 4 880 Save R104 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Radio is the most widespread electronic medium in the world today. As a form of technology that is both durable and relatively cheap, radio remains central to the everyday lives of billions of people around the globe. It is used as a call for prayer in Argentina and Appalachia, to organize political protest in Mexico and Libya, and for wartime communication in Iraq and Afghanistan. In urban centres it is played constantly in shopping malls, waiting rooms, and classrooms. Yet despite its omnipresence, it remains the media form least studied by anthropologists. Radio Fields employs ethnographic methods to reveal the diverse domains in which radio is imagined, deployed, and understood. Drawing on research from six continents, the volume demonstrates how the particular capacities and practices of radio provide singular insight into diverse social worlds, ranging from aboriginal Australia to urban Zambia. Together, the contributors address how radio creates distinct possibilities for rethinking such fundamental concepts as culture, communication, community, and collective agency.

Polish Media Art in an Expanded Field (Paperback): Aleksandra Kaminska Polish Media Art in an Expanded Field (Paperback)
Aleksandra Kaminska
R657 Discovery Miles 6 570 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From an Eastern nation on the global periphery to a European neoliberal democracy enmeshed in transnational networks, Poland has experienced a dramatic transformation in the last century. Polish Media Art in an Expanded Field uses the lens--and mirror--of media art to think through the politics of a postsocialist "New Europe," where artists are negotiating the tension between global cosmopolitanism and national self-enfranchisement. Situating Polish media art practices in the context of Poland's aesthetic traditions and political history, Aleksandra Kaminska provides an important contribution to site-specific histories of media art. Polish Media Art demonstrates how artists are using and reflecting upon technology as a way of entering into larger civic conversations around the politics of identity, place, citizenship, memory, and heritage. Building on close readings of artworks that serve as case studies, as well as interviews with leading artists, scholars, and curators, this is the first full-length study of Polish media art.

Empowered - Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny (Paperback): Sarah Banet-Weiser Empowered - Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny (Paperback)
Sarah Banet-Weiser
R500 R414 Discovery Miles 4 140 Save R86 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In Empowered Sarah Banet-Weiser examines the deeply entwined relationship between popular feminism and popular misogyny as it plays out in advertising, online and multimedia platforms, and nonprofit and commercial campaigns. Examining feminist discourses that emphasize self-confidence, body positivity, and individual achievement alongside violent misogynist phenomena such as revenge porn, toxic geek masculinity, and men's rights movements, Banet-Weiser traces how popular feminism and popular misogyny are co-constituted. From Black Girls Code and the Always #LikeAGirl campaign to GamerGate and the 2016 presidential election, Banet-Weiser shows how popular feminism is met with a misogynistic backlash of mass harassment, assault, and institutional neglect. In so doing, she contends that popular feminism's problematic commitment to visibility limits its potential and collective power.

Post-Truth - The New War on Truth and How to Fight Back (Paperback): Matthew D'Ancona Post-Truth - The New War on Truth and How to Fight Back (Paperback)
Matthew D'Ancona 1
R150 R118 Discovery Miles 1 180 Save R32 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Welcome to the Post-Truth era- a time in which the art of the lie is shaking the very foundations of democracy and the world as we know it. The Brexit vote; Donald Trump's victory; the rejection of climate change science; the vilification of immigrants; all have been based on the power to evoke feelings and not facts. So what does it all mean and how can we champion truth in in a time of lies and `alternative facts'? In this eye-opening and timely book, Post-Truth is distinguished from a long tradition of political lies, exaggeration and spin. What is new is not the mendacity of politicians but the public's response to it and the ability of new technologies and social media to manipulate, polarise and entrench opinion. Where trust has evaporated, conspiracy theories thrive, the authority of the media wilt and emotions matter more than facts . Now, one of the UK's most respected political journalists, Matthew d'Ancona investigates how we got here, why quiet resignation is not an option and how we can and must fight back.

The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur (Paperback): Penelope M. Abernathy, JoAnn Sciarrino The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur (Paperback)
Penelope M. Abernathy, JoAnn Sciarrino
R587 Discovery Miles 5 870 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A goldmine of strategic insights and practical business guidance covering all aspects of media entrepreneurship in the Digital Age The media industry is facing epic upheaval. Revolutionary new technologies compel those in businesses as diverse as broadcasting to book publishing to radically recreate their business models or be left in history's wake. At the same time, those with the next big idea are eager to acquire the business know-how needed to make it in today's brave new world of media. Written by a uniquely well-qualified author team, this book addresses the concerns of both audiences. Penelope Muse Abernathy and JoAnn Sciarrino provide timely lessons on everything from media financing to marketing, business strategy to leadership, innovation to business accounting. They use numerous case studies and real-world vignettes to reveal the success secrets of today's hottest media entrepreneurs, as well as the fatal flaws that leads many promising new ventures down the road to ruin. They begin with a primer on digital entrepreneurship basics, covering how to create a winning digital business model, obtain financing, do business accounting, identify strategic challenges, and more. From there they show you how to: Develop sustainable customer-focused strategies while overcoming the unique leadership challenges of the Digital Age Define your company's unique value proposition, prioritize investments in key assets, and form strategic partnerships and alliances Understand and prepare to exploit the vast potential inherent in the next generation of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain, among others The two companion websites feature a wealth of supplemental material, including updates, instructional videos, essays by media leaders, as well as PowerPoint presentations and study guides for instructors. Packed with practical insights and guidance on all aspects of the business of media in the Digital Age, The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur is a must-have resource for professionals and students alike in advertising, marketing, business strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, social media, and more.

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