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Tuis Kos 3-Boek Bundel (Afrikaans, Paperback): Tuis Kos 3-Boek Bundel (Afrikaans, Paperback)
R799 R625 Discovery Miles 6 250 Save R174 (22%) In stock

Hierdie 3 resepteboeke sal jou inspireer om kos met liefde te maak. Vinnig, maklik en lekker!

Lekker Vir Later Plus - Annette Human
Lekker Vir Later Plus is ’n allesomvattende kookboek oor bottel en bÍre. Die boek bevat nie net konfyte en ingemaakte groente nie, maar sluit ook ander vorme van preservering in soos biltong, beskuit en vrugtekoeke – voorwaar die Suid-Afrikaanse A–Z van preservering. Die boek bevat Annette se persoonlike versameling resepte asook nuwe lekkernye en beproefde gunstelinge van familie en vriende.

Maklike Maaltye Uit Nina Se Kombuis - Nina Timm
Maklike maaltye uit Nina se kombuis is sonder pretensies en sowaar ’n tuisvoelboek. Soos die titel noem, maak Nina kosmaak maklik deur bekostigbare, plaaslik beskikbare bestanddele en resepte te gebruik wat ieder en elk sal inspireer om kos met liefde te maak. Met meer as 100 resepte is daar iets vir almal – vanaf happies en heerlike etes vir die boekklub, nuwe kinkels in gewone braairesepte, ’n vleishoofstuk wat hoender, bees, lam, vark en seekos dek tot sop, vegetetariese etes, soet happies en idees vir markdag! Die resepte is maklik om te volg en word gekomplementeer deur pragtige kos- en leefstylfotograwwe. Maklike maaltye uit Nina se kombuis is ’n resepteboek wat sal verseker dat die familie en vriende terugkeer vir nog. Soos Nina se, is liefde die sleutelbestanddeel van elke suksesvolle maaltyd.

Tuis Kos Uit Die Tuin - Sonja Jordt
Tuis Kos uit dieTuin is 'n versameling van 100 resepte met groente of vrugte as een van die hoofbestanddele. Dis maklik en bekostigbaar, en die lekkerte is dat jy die groente en vrugte in jou eie agterplaas kan plant. Ons wys jou hoe om jou lappie grond voor te berei en te bewerk, gee plant- en oeswenke asook inligting oor die voedingswaarde van elke groente- en vrugtesoort.

Modernist Cuisine - The Art and Science of Cooking (Hardcover): Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, Maxime Bilet Modernist Cuisine - The Art and Science of Cooking (Hardcover)
Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, Maxime Bilet
R12,119 R10,453 Discovery Miles 104 530 Save R1,666 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A revolution is underway in the art of cooking. Just as French Impressionists upended centuries of tradition, Modernist cuisine has in recent years blown through the boundaries of the culinary arts. Borrowing techniques from the laboratory, pioneering chefs at world-renowned restaurants such as elBulli, The Fat Duck, Alinea, and wd~50 have incorporated a deeper understanding of science and advances in cooking technology into their culinary art. In Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, and Maxime Bilet--scientists, inventors, and accomplished cooks in their own right--have created a six-volume, 2,400-page set that reveals science-inspired techniques for preparing food that ranges from the otherworldly to the sublime. The authors and their 20-person team at The Cooking Lab have achieved astounding new flavors and textures by using tools such as water baths, homogenizers, centrifuges, and ingredients such as hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, and enzymes. It is a work destined to reinvent cooking. How do you make an omelet light and tender on the outside, but rich and creamy inside? Or French fries with a light and fluffy interior and a delicate, crisp crust that doesn't go soggy? Imagine being able to encase a mussel in a gelled sphere of its own sweet and briny juice. Or to create a silky-smooth pistachio cream made from nothing more than the nuts themselves. Modernist Cuisine offers step-by-step, illustrated instructions, as well as clear explanations of how these techniques work. Through thousands of original photographs and diagrams, the lavishly illustrated books make the science and technology of the culinary arts clear and engaging. Stunning new photographic techniques take the reader inside the food to see cooking in action all the way from microscopic meat fibers to an entire Weber grill in cross-section. You will view cooking and eating in a whole new light. A sampling of what you'll discover: *Why plunging food in ice water doesn't stop the cooking process *When boiling cooks faster than steaming *Why raising the grill doesn't lower the heat *How low-cost pots and pans can perform better than expensive ones *Why baking is mostly a drying process *Why deep-fried food tastes best and browns better when the oil is older *How modern cooking techniques can achieve ideal results without the perfect timing or good luck that traditional methods demand. Many invaluable features include: *Insights into the surprising science behind traditional food preparation methods such as grilling, smoking, and stir-frying *The most comprehensive guide yet published on cooking sous vide, including the best options for water baths, packaging materials, and sealing equipment; cooking strategies; and troubleshooting tips *More than 256 pages on meat and seafood and 130 pages on fruits, vegetables, and grains, including hundreds of parametric recipes and step-by-step techniques *Extensive chapters explaining how to achieve amazing results by using modern thickeners, gels, emulsions, and foams, including example recipes and many formulas *More than 300 pages of new recipes for plated dishes suitable for service at top-tier restaurants, plus recipes adapted from master chefs including Grant Achatz, Ferran Adria , Heston Blumenthal, David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, David Kinch, and many others. From the professional chef to the home cook, Modernist Cuisine is an indispensable guide for anyone who is passionate about the art and science of cooking.

The Sunday Brunch Cookbook - 100 of Our Super Tasty, Really Easy, Best-ever Recipes (Hardcover): Simon Rimmer, Tim Lovejoy The Sunday Brunch Cookbook - 100 of Our Super Tasty, Really Easy, Best-ever Recipes (Hardcover)
Simon Rimmer, Tim Lovejoy 1
R499 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R134 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Make every day feel like the weekend with the first official cookbook from Channel 4's Sunday Brunch. Cheers Tim! Cheers Simon! Enjoy 100 delicious, fuss-free and easy recipes from your favourite weekend food and chat show. Find quick and easy mid-week meals, simple slow cooking, and dinners you can get on the table in under 30-minutes. Make lazy breakfasts and brunches, roasts, curries, bbqs and delicious sharing plates for the whole family or to share with friends. And don't forget about pudding and drinkipoos! Discover proper home comforts and your new family favourites in this gorgeous new cookbook. Includes brand new dishes as well as popular recipes from the show, such as: Sweet & Sour Crispy Fish Bites, Korean Sticky Pork Belly, Filthy Dirty Ham & Cheese Toastie, Blueberry Pancakes with Eggs & Bacon, Moroccan Carrot & Avocado Salad, Rump Steak with Kale Salad, San Francisco Fish Stew, Chilli Aubergines with Smoked Feta, Chicken Katsu Curry Burger, Mushroom Puri, Salted Popcorn Brownies, Strawberry, Watermelon & Rose Jelly Mousse AND MORE!

Vegan Kitchen (Hardcover): Vegan Kitchen (Hardcover)
R536 R447 Discovery Miles 4 470 Save R89 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With people becoming increasingly aware of the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, vegan food has become more popular than ever, with 2016 declared 'The Year of Vegan' by PETA US. Many more 'part-time vegans' are turning to a vegan diet to broaden their food choices and improve their health. The vegan way of eating is nothing new. But what is new, is how much more aware people are of the provinence of their food and how accessible it is to not only eliminate meat from your diet, but also dairy and eggs. This new cookbook offers long-time vegans and those just starting out, fresh recipe ideas using 'new' alternative ingredients readily available in most supermarkets. There are also recipes for making your own yoghurt, cheese, mayonnaise and ice-cream - all free of animal products.

Soul Food Advisor - Recipes and Tips for Authentic Southern Cooking (Hardcover): Cassandra Harrell Soul Food Advisor - Recipes and Tips for Authentic Southern Cooking (Hardcover)
Cassandra Harrell
R544 R427 Discovery Miles 4 270 Save R117 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Bazaar - Vibrant vegetarian and plant-based recipes (Hardcover): Sabrina Ghayour Bazaar - Vibrant vegetarian and plant-based recipes (Hardcover)
Sabrina Ghayour 1
R565 R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Save R120 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

bazaar noun: a market in the Middle East Bazaar is a colourful, flavourful and satisfying celebration of vegetable dishes, designed to suit every occasion and every palate. The magic of this cookbook is that you won't feel like anything is missing, with dishes full of easy-to-achieve flavours and depth that would win over even the most die-hard carnivore. Each recipe utilizes the abundance of varied flavour profiles of the East, from spices, herbs and perfumed aromatics to hearty staples such as grains and pulses, combined with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You will find salads for all seasons, spectacular sides, bowl comfort, moreish mains and sweet treats. Recipes include: Grilled halloumi flatbreads with preserved lemon & barberry salsa Roasted tomato & chilli soup with herb-fried croutons Roast vegetable bastilla Grilled tofu salad with tamarind & miso dressing Potato, ricotta & herb dumplings with walnuts & pul biber butter Feta, pul biber & oregano macaroni bake Courgette, orange & almond cake with sweet yogurt frosting PRAISE FOR SABRINA GHAYOUR 'The golden girl of Persian cookery' - Observer 'Sabrina Ghayour's Middle-Eastern plus food is all flavour, no fuss - and makes me very, very happy' - Nigella Lawson

Game of Scones - All Men Must Dine (Hardcover): Jammy Lannister Game of Scones - All Men Must Dine (Hardcover)
Jammy Lannister
R266 R224 Discovery Miles 2 240 Save R42 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The struggle for the Iron Scone has begun and chaos reigns throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Appetites are rising and kings, queens, knights, liars and honest men battle it out as they play the Game of Scones. Jammy Lannister, by right of birth, blood and dough, has laid his claim to the Iron Scone of Westeros: join him as he fights his way through the kitchen, encountering edible desserts and baked goods including Unsullied Soldiers (without nuts), Brienne of Tart, Jaime and Cersei's Family Mess and Tyrion's Shortbread. ARYA HUNGRY? BECAUSE DINNER IS COMING . . . Featuring exclusive new recipes in time for the final season!

A Kind of Love Story (Hardcover): Tom Sellers A Kind of Love Story (Hardcover)
Tom Sellers 1
R832 R658 Discovery Miles 6 580 Save R174 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The story behind life in a world-renown Michelin-starred restaurant. Tom Sellers is a luminary of the British culinary scene. His Restaurant Story opened its doors in April 2013; its innovative literary-inspired menu, taking diners on 'a personal journey through food', has won him huge critical and public acclaim. Story was awarded its first Michelin star just five months after opening. This stunning book will be your chance to enter the visionary mind of one of the most original chefs of our time, and discover the truth behind the tales of his brilliant food.

The Power of Sprinkles: A Cake Book by the Founder of Flour Shop (Hardcover): Kassem Amirah The Power of Sprinkles: A Cake Book by the Founder of Flour Shop (Hardcover)
Kassem Amirah
R424 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R125 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Amirah Kassem preaches the power of sprinkles in her wildly creative first book. Inspired by the pinatas of her childhood, Kassem sought to create a cake that burst with sprinkles and candy when she cut into it. Four years later, her food-based installations have been exhibited everywhere from private settings at the Whitney Museum to 64-foot edible hallways at the Brooklyn Museum; while her fondant-free creations have also caught the attention of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and every fashion party in New York City. Revealing the secret to her sprinkle explosion genius for the first time ever, Kassem helps readers unlock their creativity in the kitchen with 35 different cakes. With photography, illustrations, and a design to capture the glittery rainbow effervescence of both the Flour Shop and Kassem, The Power of Sprinkles will be the spring's sweetest book.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes 1 & 2 (Hardcover): Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes 1 & 2 (Hardcover)
Julia Child 1
R1,243 R821 Discovery Miles 8 210 Save R422 (34%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'This isn't just any cookery book. This is Mastering the Art of French Cooking and it's a book that is a statement, not of culinary intent, but of aspiration, a commitment to a certain sort of good life, a certain sort of world-view; a votive object implying taste and appetite and a little je ne sais quoi. Julia Child's books are a triumph, and also a trophy.' A A GILL, The Times This is the bestselling classic guide to French cooking with over 1000 clear authentic and delicious recipes for every key French dish from Boeuf Bourguignon to the perfect croissant. And now to celebrate its 50th anniversary Penguin have reset and redesigned the text and there is a special anniversary introduction from Julia Child. Published in time for Mother's Day, this boxset with its two beautiful hardback volumes will become the essential ingredient for any cultivated kitchen

Kitchen Essentials - The Joy of Home Cooking (Hardcover): Gary MacLean Kitchen Essentials - The Joy of Home Cooking (Hardcover)
Gary MacLean; Foreword by Marcus Wareing 1
R512 R394 Discovery Miles 3 940 Save R118 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Passionate, engaged and accessible, Kitchen Essentials is a cookbook full of great food and techniques to help demystify the art of home cookery. With his thirty years' experience as a chef and a teacher, Gary Maclean brings insight, wisdom and humour to the kitchen. Kitchen Essentials will make the fundamentals of home cooking truly straightforward - and joyful - for everyone. Gary Maclean has the expertise of a top chef as well as phenomenal teaching and communication skills. This winning combination informs the unique mix of know-how, top tips and recipes in Kitchen Essentials. Gary Maclean is the perfect teacher for anyone looking to enhance their joy of home cooking.

The Art of Hygge - How to Bring Danish Cosiness Into Your Life (Hardcover): Jonny Jackson, Elias Larsen The Art of Hygge - How to Bring Danish Cosiness Into Your Life (Hardcover)
Jonny Jackson, Elias Larsen 2
R282 R175 Discovery Miles 1 750 Save R107 (38%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Hygge (pronounced `hue-ga') is a Danish word that describes the feeling of being cosy, comfortable and at peace with the world. It's almost impossible to translate into English, but this concept might explain why Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. The Art of Hygge is packed with delicious recipes to share with friends, craft ideas for decorating your home, and inspirational suggestions for enjoying the magic of everyday pleasures. Whether it's a soothing mug of hot chocolate, a tasty butternut squash soup or a snuggly pair of felt slippers, you'll find that a little hygge brings a lot of happiness!

Verskombuis (Afrikaans, Paperback, illustrated edition): G. Weideman Verskombuis (Afrikaans, Paperback, illustrated edition)
G. Weideman
R58 Discovery Miles 580 Shipped within 10 - 15 working days

Met verskombuis lewer George Weideman 'n kombinasie: Poesie en kos praat hier saam, met en oor mekaar om 'n watertandlekker veelgangmaaltyd te bied vir die fynproewer van voedsel en vers. Die resepte is oorwegend deur die digter self ontwikkel en tussen die proe en probeer deur neergeskryf - doudagdisse, hoofdisse en toekos, slaaieen agteroppies. Die bundel word afgesluit met 'n besondere vyftal outydse poedingresepte wat uit die kookboekie van ene Anna Maria Kersop met die datum 1879 oorgeneem is. Die verse uit Weideman se kombuis handel soms die heerlike bestanddele soos granate, eiervrug, sampioene, dadels en turksvye, soms oor besondere geregte, soms oor goeters wat in die kombuis gebruik word ("Tot lof van die lepel"), soms oor eksotiese geregte soos Imam Bayildi en borsjt, maar soms ook baie gewone lekkertes uit die kombuis, soos "Opstaankoffie", "Aanbrandsel" en "Broodbak". En wie sou nou kon raai dat 'n kalbaspampoentjie soveel stuitigheid kan oplewer? Verskombuis is 'n bundel wat proe-proe met keurige wyn geniet kan word, maar soms ook met groot happe verslind sal kan word!

Good Housekeeping Cake O'Clock - Yummy scrummy bakes to make right now (Paperback): Good Housekeeping Institute Good Housekeeping Cake O'Clock - Yummy scrummy bakes to make right now (Paperback)
Good Housekeeping Institute 1
R259 R190 Discovery Miles 1 900 Save R69 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Cake O'Clock has everything you need to whip up a sweet storm in the kitchen. Dazzle your friends with plates of baked goodies, from decadent tortes and lighter-than-air sponges to super-scrummy cupcakes and stunning celebration cakes. With a baked delight for any occasion, it's time to get creative with your very own homemade treats. Packed with classic family favourites and show-stopping new ideas, this book is the icing on the cake for anyone who loves to bake. Word count: 30,000

100 Best Jewish Recipes - Modern classics, from everyday meals to food for special occasions (Hardcover): Evelyn Rose, Judi Rose 100 Best Jewish Recipes - Modern classics, from everyday meals to food for special occasions (Hardcover)
Evelyn Rose, Judi Rose
R421 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R122 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

100 Best Jewish Recipes allows you to create modern feasts packed with old-school deli charm. This exciting new compilation of dishes from Evelyn Rose's classic canon showcases the delicious diversity of Jewish cooking. Find inspiration for no-fuss, flavoursome classics, from the kitchens of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean to the Middle East and beyond. There are mouth-watering ideas for small plates and soups, mains and desserts, as well as bakes and breads. You'll also discover the best dishes to prepare for every major festival, alongside advice on how to make everyday recipes suitable for the kosher kitchen. For everything from perfect pickles to great gefilte fish, and brilliant bagels to meltingly tender cholent, this is the ultimate contemporary guide to the best Jewish food.

Boeresjiek - Kuierkos Uit 'n Plaaskombuis (Afrikaans, Hardcover): Nicky Brecher Boeresjiek - Kuierkos Uit 'n Plaaskombuis (Afrikaans, Hardcover)
Nicky Brecher
R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Shipped within 10 - 15 working days

Elke dis, van eg tradisioneel tot heerlik eietyds, het Nicky se spesiale afronding, verrassingsbestanddeel of eiesoortige opdienvoorstelle wat die boek se inhoud vars en aanloklik hou. Die resepte is deeglik getoets en aan vriende en familie voor-gesit vir finale goedkeuring en het telkens die toets met vlieende vaandels geslaag. Lieflike kleurfoto's van bykans elke dis dien as inspirasie om sommer dadelik die resepte op die proef te stel. Foto's van die plaas in Pongola waar die skrywer woon, vertel so tussen die resepte deur meer oor die lieflike omgewing om die leser soos 'n spesiale kuiergas te laat voel. Alles, van peuselhappies tot soetgoed, is watertandlekker - en al die ou gunstelinge is daar, dikwels met 'n kinkel.

Modern wineries of South Africa (Hardcover): Craig Fraser Modern wineries of South Africa (Hardcover)
Craig Fraser
R500 R415 Discovery Miles 4 150 Save R85 (17%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

This title presents a fascinating array of wineries focussing primarily on their architectural approach and photographed in the context of the awe inspiring backdrop of the winelands of the Western Cape in South Africa. In 2002 there were 202 wineries in SA in 2010 there are 585 farms producing wine, the industry is mushrooming. Wine making techniques change and technology evolves and with the introduction of new capital into this industry people are doing everything they can to capture a niche in the highly competitive

Malaysia - Recipes from a Family Kitchen (Hardcover): Ping Coombes Malaysia - Recipes from a Family Kitchen (Hardcover)
Ping Coombes 1
R603 R486 Discovery Miles 4 860 Save R117 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Malaysian food has long been the hidden jewel of South-east Asian cookery - it's a fusion of the Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures that make up Malaysia itself. In her debut book Malaysia Ping Coombes shares all the secrets and delights of this extraordinary cuisine. Drawing inspiration from her mother and from the late-night stalls and street markets in her hometown of Ipoh, Ping has put together over 100 delicious recipes that serve as a perfect introduction to the tastes and textures of Malaysian cooking. Chilli crab and caramel pork, spicy laksas and rendangs, satays and tangy sambals: these classic dishes are intensely satisfying to make, share and devour! Welcome to Ping's family table - and as Ping's mother would say, 'sek fan la!': come and eat!

Instant Pot Fast & Easy: 100 Simple and Delicious Recipes for Your Instant Pot (Paperback): Urvashi Pitre Instant Pot Fast & Easy: 100 Simple and Delicious Recipes for Your Instant Pot (Paperback)
Urvashi Pitre
R404 R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Save R99 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Fully authorized by Instant Pot--brand new recipes from the best-selling author of Indian Instant Pot Cookbook and The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook Indian Instant Pot Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre is already one of the top-selling cookbooks in its category. Now Pitre turns her sights to all kinds of boldly flavored and internationally-themed recipes--Mexican, Thai, Moroccan, and more--with Instant Pot Fast & Easy, fully authorized by Instant Pot. Just like fans have come to expect, Pitre's incredibly well-tested recipes will work perfectly every time, and of course taste great too. And because these are Instant Pot recipes, dishes like Japanese Chicken Curry, Chinese Steamed Ribs, and Mexican Pulled Pork are ready in a fraction of the time they would take using traditional cooking methods. As with all of Pitre's recipes, the focus is on whole foods instead of artificial convenience ingredients, so the recipes are delicious, easy, and healthful too.

The Little Book of Vegetarianism - The Simple, Flexible Guide to Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle (Paperback): Alexa Kaye The Little Book of Vegetarianism - The Simple, Flexible Guide to Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle (Paperback)
Alexa Kaye
R193 R112 Discovery Miles 1 120 Save R81 (42%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Being veggie is easier than you think, whether you want to take your first flexitarian steps or are cutting out meat and fish for ethical, environmental or health reasons. This easy-to-digest guide, packed with nutritional tips, food and drink guides and shopping know-how, will inspire you to enjoy all that's best about an ECO-FRIENDLY LIFESTYLE.

Perfect Plates In 5 Ingredients (Hardcover): John Whaite Perfect Plates In 5 Ingredients (Hardcover)
John Whaite 1
R469 R386 Discovery Miles 3 860 Save R83 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

John Whaite offers beautiful, innovative, pared back recipes that are simple to cook but stunning to serve. With only 5 ingredients per recipe (plus the essentials of olive oil/butter/salt/pepper), this is practical, fun cooking. The book is divided into Weekend Morning Plates for breakfasts and brunches, Hearty Plates of comfort food, Every Day Plates for easy week-night suppers, Worth the Wait Plates for slow cooking, Posh Plates for easy, impressive dishes, Many Plates for sharing and finally Dessert Plates for simple cakes and sweet treats. John's departure from just baking shows his striking talent as a cook with clever ideas for home cooking that will inspire and delight.

Epicurean's Good Food Guide (Hardcover): Roz Denny Epicurean's Good Food Guide (Hardcover)
Roz Denny; Foreword by Gordon Ramsay
R477 R328 Discovery Miles 3 280 Save R149 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With a focus on the quality of ingredients - sourcing the best produce at the right time of year, getting the best cut of meat and the freshest seafood, the finest oils, vinegars and spices, The Epicurean's Good Food Guide leads the reader through the vast array of foods on sale, offering an A-Z of every staple ingredient you will find in the modern cook's pantry and many less common ones: where to buy, what to select and how to look after it and incorporate it into your cooking. The book also offers recipes to get you started.

The Diabetes Weight Loss Cookbook - A life-changing diet to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes (Hardcover): Katie Caldesi,... The Diabetes Weight Loss Cookbook - A life-changing diet to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes (Hardcover)
Katie Caldesi, Giancarlo Caldesi 1
R487 R389 Discovery Miles 3 890 Save R98 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The initial diagnosis of diabetes can be shocking and the masses of information daunting. With a clear explanation of type 2 diabetes, Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi guide you through how to halt the progress of diabetes, lose weight and bring your blood glucose down to a normal level by sharing delicious new ways to think about food on a permanent basis. Lose Weight & Lower Your Risk of Diabetes encourages a low-carb diet, with a staged process of incorporating more low-carb and nutrient-dense foods by reducing added sugars and cutting back on starchy food. Simple recipes with easy-to-source, inexpensive ingredients are at the heart of this book, filled with tips for eating out, holidays and how to keep active. Various recipes require simple assembly, some are easy to take to work and all are designed to fill you up without fattening you up and raising your blood sugar levels. A carefully constructed diet plan with portion sizes to follow is also featured to help reduce your production of insulin. Katie and Giancarlo share their knowledge and experience to empower you to make your own informed decisions about diet, encouraging you to eat foods in their natural form and ditch the processed foods so that you too can enjoy good and lasting health.

My Adorable Kitten Journal (Hardcover): Scholastic My Adorable Kitten Journal (Hardcover)
Scholastic 1
R148 R107 Discovery Miles 1 070 Save R41 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Packed with quizzes, recipes, crafts and lots of fill-in fun, My Adorable Kitten Journal is the purr-fect place to keep a record of your year. Find out how well you know your BFF, bake delicious cupcakes and doodle dream outfits. With loads of cute kittens and an elastic band to keep your secrets safe, this is the an ideal gift for kitten lovers.

The Modern Cook's Year - Over 250 Vibrant Vegetable Recipes to See You Through the Seasons (Hardcover, Epub Edition): Anna... The Modern Cook's Year - Over 250 Vibrant Vegetable Recipes to See You Through the Seasons (Hardcover, Epub Edition)
Anna Jones 1
R758 R463 Discovery Miles 4 630 Save R295 (39%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Winner of the Guild of Food Writers Cookery Book Award and OFM Best New Cook Book 2018 An essential addition to every cook's bookshelf, The Modern Cook's Year will show you how to make the most of seasonal produce, using simple, hugely inventive flavours and ingredients. Divided into six seasons, Anna Jones's long-awaited new cook book contains over 250 delicious vegetarian recipes interspersed with tips on everything from seasonal music playlists to flowers to look out for in each month of the year. The Modern Cook's Year includes: Start of the Year: Spelt with pickled pears and pink leaves and Chocolate and blood orange freezer cake; First Warm Days of Spring: Elderflower dressed broad beans and leaves with burrata and Chickpea farinata with slow cooked courgettes; Herald of Spring: Spring chickpea soup with salted lemons and Rhubarb and rose geranium frozen yoghurt; Summer: Smoked aubergine flatbreads and Beetroot tops tart; Autumn: Orzo with tomatoes and feta and Honey, lemon and coriander seed cake; Winter: Velvet squash broth with miso and soba and Chocolate rye porridge with quick honey pears. Guiding you through the year, from the coldest winter days to the long light summer evenings, The Modern Cook's Year is set to become a contemporary classic.

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