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Basic Electrocardiography (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2020): Brent G. Petty Basic Electrocardiography (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2020)
Brent G. Petty
R1,244 R1,130 Discovery Miles 11 300 Save R114 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The significantly expanded second edition of this important textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of electrocardiography. Each chapter is revised, and the book includes new chapters that focus on pacemakers, low voltage, pulmonary embolism, and hypothermia. The book is intended to help students in all health care delivery fields and at all levels of training to learn the basic concepts of interpreting electrocardiograms. It concisely covers the essential components of electrocardiography (ECG or EKG) and helps readers identify a number of conditions, including arrhythmias, bifascicular blocks, and heart attacks. Chapters are constructed to introduce basic themes, show examples from actual patient tracings, and provide practice through self-test electrocardiograms that reinforce the concepts taught in the chapter. Additionally, practice tracings build on the information provided in earlier chapters as well as on the features of the current one. Designed for the clerkship student, resident, or even the practicing professional who wants to brush up on EKG particulars, the second edition of Basic Electrocardiography is a user-friendly guide to one of medicine's most useful tools.

X-ray Microscopy (Hardcover): Chris Jacobsen X-ray Microscopy (Hardcover)
Chris Jacobsen
R2,909 Discovery Miles 29 090 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written by a pioneer in the field, this text provides a complete introduction to X-ray microscopy, providing all of the technical background required to use, understand and even develop X-ray microscopes. Starting from the basics of X-ray physics and focusing optics, it goes on to cover imaging theory, tomography, chemical and elemental analysis, lensless imaging, computational methods, instrumentation, radiation damage, and cryomicroscopy, and includes a survey of recent scientific applications. Designed as a 'one-stop' text, it provides a unified notation, and shows how computational methods in different areas are linked with one another. Including numerous derivations, and illustrated with dozens of examples throughout, this is an essential text for academics and practitioners across engineering, the physical sciences and the life sciences who use X-ray microscopy to analyze their specimens, as well as those taking courses in X-ray microscopy.

Netter's Introduction to Imaging - with Student Consult Access (Paperback): Larry R. Cochard, Lori A. Goodhartz, Carla... Netter's Introduction to Imaging - with Student Consult Access (Paperback)
Larry R. Cochard, Lori A. Goodhartz, Carla Harmath, Nancy M. Major, Srinivasan Mukundan
R1,092 R983 Discovery Miles 9 830 Save R109 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Netter's Introduction to Imaging, by Larry R. Cochard, PhD, Lori A Goodhartz, MD Carla B, Harmath, MD, Nancy M. Major MD, and Srinivasan Mukundan, JR, MD, makes interpreting normal and abnormal X-ray, CT, and MR images easy by correlating them with crystal-clear Netter illustrations. You'll learn to recognize anatomical relationships in images and apply them to a variety of examples of pathology throughout the body, including the imaging of masses, air, or blood in organs and spaces...fractures, thickening, constriction, and compression...and more. You can also access the book from any computer at studentconsult.com. It's an ideal introduction to diagnostic imaging! Visualize anatomical structures and relationships with perfect clarity with the aid of vivid, colorful Netter artwork. The coloring, texture, and idealized emphasis help you interpret relationships between structures and compartments as seen in cross section and in X-rays, CT, and MRI. Develop your ability to better identify pathologies by viewing normal healthy anatomical images and abnormal images. Comparative images reinforce your basic understanding of what normal tissues and anatomy look like and serve as a guide in recognizing disease patterns and processes: atypically large or small organs and compartments, masses, air, or blood in organs and spaces, fractures, thickening, constriction, compression, and more. Understand the principles that underlie X-ray, CT, MR, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine imaging, the use of contrast and angiography. Understand how radiologists apply systematic search strategies in imaging studies of each region of the body. Access the complete text and images online at studentconsult.com

Imaging in Neurodegenerative Disorders (Hardcover): Luca Saba Imaging in Neurodegenerative Disorders (Hardcover)
Luca Saba
R5,893 Discovery Miles 58 930 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases can prove particularly intimidating to clinicians, because many times the diagnosis cannot be critically "confirmed" by a simple test. New imaging modalities have advanced to the point of high resolution, morphological, metabolic and functional analysis. Computed tomography, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging have recently emerged as outstanding non-invasive techniques for the study of the neurodegenerative disorders. Imaging in Neurodegenerative Disorders covers all the imaging techniques and new exciting methods like new tracers, biomarker, metabolomic and gene-array profiling, potential for applying such techniques clinically, and offers present and future applications as applied to the neurodegenerative disorders with the most world renowned scientists in these fields. This book is an invaluable resource for researchers, clinicians, and trainees in neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, and radiology.

Stochastic Modeling for Medical Image Analysis (Hardcover): Ayman El-Baz, Georgy Gimel'farb, Jasjit S. Suri Stochastic Modeling for Medical Image Analysis (Hardcover)
Ayman El-Baz, Georgy Gimel'farb, Jasjit S. Suri
R4,097 Discovery Miles 40 970 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Stochastic Modeling for Medical Image Analysis provides a brief introduction to medical imaging, stochastic modeling, and model-guided image analysis. Today, image-guided computer-assisted diagnostics (CAD) faces two basic challenging problems. The first is the computationally feasible and accurate modeling of images from different modalities to obtain clinically useful information. The second is the accurate and fast inferring of meaningful and clinically valid CAD decisions and/or predictions on the basis of model-guided image analysis. To help address this, this book details original stochastic appearance and shape models with computationally feasible and efficient learning techniques for improving the performance of object detection, segmentation, alignment, and analysis in a number of important CAD applications. The book demonstrates accurate descriptions of visual appearances and shapes of the goal objects and their background to help solve a number of important and challenging CAD problems. The models focus on the first-order marginals of pixel/voxel-wise signals and second- or higher-order Markov-Gibbs random fields of these signals and/or labels of regions supporting the goal objects in the lattice. This valuable resource presents the latest state of the art in stochastic modeling for medical image analysis while incorporating fully tested experimental results throughout.

Cardiovascular Imaging (Paperback): Paul Leeson Cardiovascular Imaging (Paperback)
Paul Leeson
R1,394 Discovery Miles 13 940 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A range of cardiac imaging techniques are available, each with a unique approach. Most existing imaging books are predominantly modality focused; however today's clinical cardiologist needs to learn how to apply and integrate information from the different modalities to aid clinical decision-making.
In full colour throughout, and based on European Society of Cardiology guidelines, Cardiac Imaging is an essential resource for all clinical trainees, It provides practical hands-on advice for cardiology, medical, radiology and technical personnel who need easily accessible, detailed information on how to use the full range of imaging modalities to investigate cardiac disease. The handbook provides a comparative overview of the different techniques and how they can be applied in different pathologies, acting as a portal to more in-depth, modality focused texts.

Hal Blumenfeld - The NeuroExam Video (DVD): Hal Blumenfeld The NeuroExam Video (DVD)
Hal Blumenfeld
R1,221 Discovery Miles 12 210 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Published by Sinauer Associates, an imprint of Oxford University Press. The NeuroExam Video demonstrates how to perform a complete neurologic examination. It is intended for medical students, residents, and other students in the health care professions. We recommend that this video be used in the classroom setting, where it can be shown in its entirety or using selected excerpts. Students can then review the exam by visiting neuroexam.com, and can learn about the neuroanatomical interpretation of the exam by reading the textbook Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases. The NeuroExam Video introduces the neurologic exam, and then presents a detailed demonstration of the exam consisting of the following six subdivisions: * Mental status * Cranial nerves * Motor exam * Reflexes * Coordination and gait * Sensory exam In the era of modern neuroimaging methods, the neurologic exam remains an essential diagnostic tool. It is a critical way station in the clinical decision making process, dictating whether imaging studies or other tests are required. In addition, the neurologic exam enables the clinician to decide what regions should be imaged, and when emergency therapeutic interventions are needed prior to any diagnostic tests. By understanding how to perform and interpret the neurologic exam, health care professionals in all specialties can help preserve the functioning of the nervous system, vastly improving patient quality of life.

Protein NMR - Methods and Protocols (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Ranajeet Ghose Protein NMR - Methods and Protocols (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Ranajeet Ghose
R4,043 R3,140 Discovery Miles 31 400 Save R903 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume covers state-of-the-art applications of solid-state and solution nuclear magnetic resonance( NMR) spectroscopy to study protein structure, dynamics and interactions. Chapters detail various aspects of data acquisition and processing, determination of the structure, multi-timescale dynamics of entities ranging from individual proteins to large macromolecular complexes to intact viral assemblies. The final two chapters will highlight the promise of NMR beyond field strengths of 1 GHz to study the structure, dynamics and interactions of a larger class of proteins and protein complexes of extraordinary biological interest. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters provide detailed laboratory protocols and troubleshooting tips that would be of great practical help to NMR spectroscopists with different levels of expertise. Authoritative and cutting-edge, Protein NMR: Methods and Protocol aims to ensure successful results in the further study of this vital field.

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume I: Head and Neck - Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Paperback, 4th... Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume I: Head and Neck - Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Paperback, 4th edition)
Torsten Bert Moeller, Emil Reif
R1,145 R967 Discovery Miles 9 670 Save R178 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This comprehensive, easy-to-consult pocket atlas is renowned for its superb illustrations and ability to depict sectional anatomy in every plane. Together with its two companion volumes, it provides a highly specialized navigational tool for all clinicians who need to master radiologic anatomy and accurately interpret CT and MR images. Special features of Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy: Didactic organization in two-page units, with high-quality radiographs on one side and brilliant, full-color diagrams on the other Hundreds of high-resolution CT and MR images made with the latest generation of scanners (e.g., 3T MRI, 64-slice CT) Consistent color coding, making it easy to identify similar structures across several slices Concise, easy-to-read labeling of all figures Updates for the 4th edition of Volume I: New cranial CT imaging sequences of the axial and coronal temporal bone Expanded MR section, with all new 3T MR images of the temporal lobe and hippocampus, basilar artery, cranial nerves, cavernous sinus, and more New arterial MR angiography sequences of the neck and additional larynx images Compact, easy-to-use, highly visual, and designed for quick recall, this book is ideal for use in both the clinical and study settings.

Learn EMG - An Interactive Quiz Approach to Electrodiagnostic Interpretation (DVD-ROM): Devon Rubin Learn EMG - An Interactive Quiz Approach to Electrodiagnostic Interpretation (DVD-ROM)
Devon Rubin
R3,050 R2,156 Discovery Miles 21 560 Save R894 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Learn EMG" is a fully interactive tool to teach basic concepts and interpretation of electrodiagnostic findings in patients with a variety of neuromuscular conditions. Using a quiz approach and clinical vignettes to make learning both fun and challenging, this unique program teaches users to recognize basic and complex features of individual NCS and needle EMG waveforms and accurately interpret combinations of findings in the context of clinical vignettes

The program is organized into 10 quiz sets or topics covering general NCS and needle EMG findings and common clinical problems. Each set is devoted to a particular theme and contains 20 multiple-choice questions framed by case vignettes, waveforms, audio/video clips, and other information to help the user select the correct answer. Audio discussions related to the questions and answers are presented within each case to highlight key features and concisely teach important concepts related to the findings.

Topics include basic NCS waveforms and variants, basic needle EMG waveforms (spontaneous activity and motor unit potentials), technical issues, upper extremity, lower extremity, peripheral neuropathies, diffuse neuromuscular disorders, cranial nerve disorders, and unusual disorders.

"Learn EMG"

Teaches basic concepts and recognition of a wide variety of nerve conduction study and needle EMG waveform abnormalities Demonstrates common and uncommon findings that are encountered in clinical practice Utilizes an interactive quiz approach including a case, question, and discussion to teach the material Provides a concise explanation and discussion of the findings to help the user understand the concepts and learn more accurate interpretation of EMG Includes 200 examples of normal and abnormal findings, with more than 400 images and 90 videos Tracks progress through mastery of each subject and question Offers custom quiz option to focus on particular subjects, or on questions previously answered incorrectly Navigation via index to quickly find specific topics Navigation via bookmarks to return to items of particular interest

MEG-EEG Primer (Paperback): Riitta Hari, Aina Puce MEG-EEG Primer (Paperback)
Riitta Hari, Aina Puce
R1,772 R1,665 Discovery Miles 16 650 Save R107 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG) provide complementary views to the neurodynamics of healthy and diseased human brains. Both methods are totally noninvasive and can track with millisecond temporal resolution spontaneous brain activity, evoked responses to various sensory stimuli, as well as signals associated with the performance of motor, cognitive and affective tasks. MEG records the magnetic fields, and EEG the potentials associated with the same neuronal currents, which however are differentially weighted due to the physical and physiological differences between the methods. MEG is rather selective to activity in the walls of cortical folds, whereas EEG senses currents from the cortex (and brain) more widely, making it harder to pinpoint the locations of the source currents in the brain. Another important difference between the methods is that skull and scalp dampen and smear EEG signals, but do not affect MEG. Hence, to fully understand brain function, information from MEG and EEG should be combined. Additionally, the excellent neurodynamical information these two methods provide can be merged with data from other brain-imaging methods, especially functional magnetic resonance imaging where spatial resolution is a major strength. MEG-EEG Primer is the first-ever volume to introduce and discuss MEG and EEG in a balanced manner side-by-side, starting from their physical and physiological bases and then advancing to methods of data acquisition, analysis, visualization, and interpretation. The authors pay special attention to careful experimentation, guiding readers to differentiate brain signals from various artifacts and to assure that the collected data are reliable. The book weighs the strengths and weaknesses of MEG and EEG relative to one another and to other methods used in systems, cognitive, and social neuroscience. The authors also discuss the role of MEG and EEG in the assessment of brain function in various clinical disorders. The book aims to bring members of multidisciplinary research teams onto equal footing so that they can contribute to different aspects of MEG and EEG research and to be able to participate in future developments in the field.

MR and CT Perfusion and Pharmacokinetic Imaging: Clinical Applications and Theoretical Principles (Hardcover): Roland Bammer MR and CT Perfusion and Pharmacokinetic Imaging: Clinical Applications and Theoretical Principles (Hardcover)
Roland Bammer
R6,134 R5,325 Discovery Miles 53 250 Save R809 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Essential reading for both clinicians and researchers, this comprehensive resource covers what you need to know about the basic principles of perfusion, as well as its many clinical applications. Broad coverage outlines the overarching framework that interlinks methods such as DSC, DCE, CTP, and ASL. International experts in the field demonstrate how perfusion and pharmacokinetic imaging can be effectively used to analyze medical conditions, helping you reach accurate diagnoses and monitor disease progression and response to therapy. Key Features Provides thorough coverage of CT and MR perfusion , including clinical applications, in a single, convenient volume. Covers every area relevant to perfusion : image acquisition and reconstruction methods, contrast agent based methods for measuring organ perfusion and pharmacokinetic modeling, x-ray dose and general safety considerations, the basic concepts of perfusion, the methods of acquiring perfusion data, models and formulas to compute relevant perfusion parameters, protocols and how to make studies comparable, patient setup, and more. Contains " pearls" and clinical summaries throughout , helping you quickly grasp the most important points of each topic. Places complex technical and mathematical material in separate boxes which can be referred to as needed. Offers a basis for understanding potential future applications in the management of oncologic, cerebral, renal, pulmonary, and cardiac pathologies. Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, which can be downloaded to your tablet and smartphone or accessed online and includes features like: Complete content with enhanced navigation Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use

Rowan's Primer of EEG (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Lara V Marcuse, Madeline C Fields, Jiyeoun Jenna Yoo Rowan's Primer of EEG (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Lara V Marcuse, Madeline C Fields, Jiyeoun Jenna Yoo
R1,220 R1,087 Discovery Miles 10 870 Save R133 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The new edition of Rowan's Primer of EEG continues to provide clear, concise guidance on the difficult technical aspects of how to perform and interpret EEGs. Practical yet brief, it is perfectly suited for students, residents, and neurologists alike, while included reference material will be continually useful, even to the experienced doctor. Features brief, to-the-point text with easily understandable language for quick reference. Portable design makes it simple to carry anywhere. Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, self-assessment questions, images, and references from the book on a variety of devices. Concise, reader-friendly format features improved 4-color design and online quiz-format assessment questions within each chapter. Includes the new nomenclature for EEGs put forth by the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. Features a greater focus on pediatrics content and includes online videos detailing clinical descriptions of seizures and EEG interpretation. Delivers a concise chart of the EEG changes through the neonatal period. Offers enhanced coverage of epilepsy syndromes with a quick-access chart highlighting age of onset, prognosis, clinical characteristics, and EEG characteristics.

Physics of PET and SPECT Imaging (Hardcover): Magnus Dahlbom Physics of PET and SPECT Imaging (Hardcover)
Magnus Dahlbom
R4,401 Discovery Miles 44 010 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

PET and SPECT imaging has improved to such a level that they are opening up exciting new horizons in medical diagnosis and treatment. This book provides a complete introduction to fundamentals and the latest progress in the field, including an overview of new scintillator materials and innovations in photodetector development, as well as the latest system designs and image reconstruction algorithms. It begins with basics of PET and SPECT physics, followed by technology advances and computing methods, quantitative techniques, multimodality imaging, instrumentation, pre-clinical and clinical imaging applications.

Advances in Treatments for Aortic Valve and Root Diseases (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Khalil Fattouch, Patrizio Lancellotti,... Advances in Treatments for Aortic Valve and Root Diseases (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Khalil Fattouch, Patrizio Lancellotti, Mani A Vannan, Giuseppe Speziale
R3,509 R2,764 Discovery Miles 27 640 Save R745 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book describes the different aspects of aortic valve and root diseases including comprehensive discussion of the state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging options, disease risk stratification, selection of candidates for valve repair or percutaneous intervention, and most recent therapeutic options. The growing prevalence of valvular heart disease represents a major challenge in terms of short- and long-term management and surveillance. Aortic valve diseases, including aortic stenosis and regurgitation, are among the most frequent of these, while the number of cases of aortic root disease is also on the rise. Aortic valve disease treatment options include valve surgery, valve repair, minimally invasive valve surgery, and percutaneous approaches and all are covered in this volume. Advances in Treatments for Aortic Valve and Root Diseases is a highly illustrated, case oriented reference aimed at cardiology fellows in training, while also helpful to surgeons, cardiologists, imagers, interventionalists, as well as other clinicians and students involved in the diagnosis and treatment of aortic valve and root diseases.

CT & MRI of the Abdomen and Pelvis - A Teaching File (Paperback, 3rd edition): Pablo R. Ros, Koenraad J. Mortele CT & MRI of the Abdomen and Pelvis - A Teaching File (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Pablo R. Ros, Koenraad J. Mortele
R1,388 R1,177 Discovery Miles 11 770 Save R211 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in its Third Edition, this trusted and practical volume in LWW's Teaching File Series offers residents and practicing radiologists a unique opportunity to study alongside the experts in their field. For the first time, CT and MRI of the Abdomen and Pelvis is a hybrid publication, with a new paperback format and accompanying web content that includes a wealth of case studies users can access from their laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The book is useful both as a quick consult or study aid for anyone preparing for Board examinations in Radiology and other specialties where knowledge of CT and MRI of the abdomen and pelvis are required. This skill-builder delivers..." 413 structured case studies based on actual patients-each providing a brief patient history, as many as four CT/MR images, a short description of the findings, differential diagnosis, final diagnosis, and a discussion of the case. Detailed imaging of all areas of the abdomen and pelvis -including the liver and biliary system, pancreas, GI tract, spleen, mesentery/omentum/peritoneum, kidney and urinary system, retroperitoneum and adrenal glands, and abdominal wall-helps readers understand relevant anatomy and identify pathologies. NEW to the Third Edition..." Accompanying web site delivers access to the 150 cases from the print edition, plus 263 "bonus" cases for a total of 413 cases! 30% new cases address new challenges and provide timely information

Cardiac Electrophysiology Without Fluoroscopy (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Riccardo Proietti, Yan Wang, Yan Yao, Guoqiang Zhong,... Cardiac Electrophysiology Without Fluoroscopy (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Riccardo Proietti, Yan Wang, Yan Yao, Guoqiang Zhong, Shu Lin Wu, …
R3,767 R3,361 Discovery Miles 33 610 Save R406 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book reflects how the concern regarding the effects of radiation exposure in patients and health personnel involved in cardiac electrophysiology (EP) has inspired new developments in cardiac electrophysiology procedures without the use of fluoroscopy. This innovative method has become a subspecialty within electrophysioloy with several EP laboratories around the world adopting an exclusive non-fluoroscopy approach. It features guidance on how to use three dimensional (3D) navigation systems, ablation energy sources and zero-fluorospic implantation of cardiac electronic devices. The potential complications and associated preventative methods with utilising RFCA are also described. Cardiac Electrophysiology Without Fluoroscopy offers a thorough description of the technique correlated to the performance of EP procedure without the use of radiation, and provides a valuable resource for those seeking a practically applicable guide on how to perform cardiac EP without fluoroscopy, including practising and trainee electrophysiologists, cardiac imagers, general cardiologists and emergency medicine physicians.

Problems and Solutions in Medical Physics - Diagnostic Imaging Physics (Paperback): Kwan-Hoong Ng, Jeannie Hsiu Ding Wong,... Problems and Solutions in Medical Physics - Diagnostic Imaging Physics (Paperback)
Kwan-Hoong Ng, Jeannie Hsiu Ding Wong, Geoffrey D. Clarke
R1,262 Discovery Miles 12 620 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The first in a three-volume set exploring Problems and Solutions in Medical Physics, this volume explores common questions and their solutions in Diagnostic Imaging. This invaluable study guide should be used in conjunction with other key textbooks in the field to provide additional learning opportunities. It contains key imaging modalities, exploring X-ray, mammography, and fluoroscopy, in addition to computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasonography. Each chapter provides examples, notes, and references for further reading to enhance understanding. Features: Consolidates concepts and assists in the understanding and applications of theoretical concepts in medical physics Assists lecturers and instructors in setting assignments and tests Suitable as a revision tool for postgraduate students sitting medical physics, oncology, and radiology sciences examinations

Computer Aided Intervention and Diagnostics in Clinical and Medical Images (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): J. Dinesh Peter, Steven... Computer Aided Intervention and Diagnostics in Clinical and Medical Images (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
J. Dinesh Peter, Steven Lawrence Fernandes, Carlos Eduardo Thomaz, Serestina Viriri
R4,816 R4,214 Discovery Miles 42 140 Save R602 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book is a compendium of the ICCMIA 2018 proceedings, which provides an ideal reference for all medical imaging researchers and professionals to explore innovative methods and analyses on imaging technologies for better prospective patient care. This work serves as an exclusive source for new computer assisted clinical and medical developments in imaging diagnosis, intervention and analysis. It includes articles on computer assisted medical scanning techniques, computer-aided diagnosis, robotic surgery and imaging, imaging genomics, clinically-oriented imaging physics and informatics, augmented-reality medical visualization, imaging modalities, computerized radiology, oncology, and surgery. Moreover, information on non-medical imaging that has medical applications such as multi-photon microscopy and confocal, photoacoustic imaging, optical microendoscope, infra-red radiation, and other imaging modalities is also represented.

Endoscopy in Small Bowel Disorders (Hardcover): Richard Kozarek, Jonathan A Leighton Endoscopy in Small Bowel Disorders (Hardcover)
Richard Kozarek, Jonathan A Leighton
R4,223 R3,353 Discovery Miles 33 530 Save R870 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume reviews the history of endoscopy to diagnose small bowel disorders, places other diagnostic modalities into perspective, and defines the role of capsule endoscopy and per overtube assisted and retrograde enteroscopy in disorders as disparate as gluten sensitive enteropathy, small bowel neoplasms, and inflammatory bowel disease. The book further details the nonoperative approach to NSAID strictures, foreign body retrieval (to include impacted capsule endoscopes), and the diagnosis and treatment of chronically bleeding angiodysplastic lesions. The text is also richly illustrated with over 150 images and includes online video segments. Written by experts in the field, Endoscopy in Small Bowel Disorders is a valuable resource for medical and surgical residents, gastroenterologists in training and practice, therapeutic endoscopists, and general and colorectal surgeons.

MDCT and MR Imaging of Acute Abdomen - New Technologies and Emerging Issues (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Michael Patlas, Douglas... MDCT and MR Imaging of Acute Abdomen - New Technologies and Emerging Issues (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Michael Patlas, Douglas S. Katz, Mariano Scaglione
R3,002 R2,718 Discovery Miles 27 180 Save R284 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This superbly illustrated book describes a comprehensive and modern approach to the imaging of abdominal and pelvic emergencies of traumatic and non-traumatic origin. The aim is to equip the reader with a full understanding of the roles of advanced cross-sectional imaging modalities, including dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). To this end, recent literature on the subject is reviewed, and current controversies in acute abdominal and pelvic imaging are discussed. Potential imaging and related pitfalls are highlighted and up-to-date information provided on differential diagnosis. The first two chapters explain an evidence-based approach to the evaluation of patients and present dose reduction strategies for multidetector CT imaging (MDCT). The remaining chapters describe specific applications of MDCT, DECT, and MRI for the imaging of both common and less common acute abdominal and pelvic conditions, including disorders in the pediatric population and pregnant patients. The book will be of value to emergency and abdominal radiologists, general radiologists, emergency department physicians and related personnel, general and trauma surgeons, and trainees in all these specialties.

Resistance to Photodynamic Therapy in Cancer (Hardcover, 2015 ed.): Valentina Rapozzi, Giulio Jori Resistance to Photodynamic Therapy in Cancer (Hardcover, 2015 ed.)
Valentina Rapozzi, Giulio Jori
R4,344 R3,441 Discovery Miles 34 410 Save R903 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume provides a comprehensive review of resistance induced by photodynamic therapy (PDT) in tumor cells. Understanding the underlying mechanisms in this process leads to the improvement of therapeutic modality, in combination with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy. Photodynamic therapy is a minimally invasive therapeutic procedure that can exert a selective or preferential cytotoxic activity toward malignant cells. The procedure involves administration of an intrinsically non-toxic photosensitizing agent (PS) followed by irradiation at a wavelength corresponding to a visible absorption band of the sensitizer. In the presence of oxygen, a series of events lead to direct tumor cell death, damage to the microvasculature, and induction of a local inflammatory reaction. Studies reveal that PDT can be curative, particularly in early stage tumors and this volume explores the potential of PDT, but also reveals strategic approaches to overcome resistance in tumor cells.

Statistical Computing in Nuclear Imaging (Hardcover): Arkadiusz Sitek Statistical Computing in Nuclear Imaging (Hardcover)
Arkadiusz Sitek
R2,339 Discovery Miles 23 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Statistical Computing in Nuclear Imaging introduces aspects of Bayesian computing in nuclear imaging. The book provides an introduction to Bayesian statistics and concepts and is highly focused on the computational aspects of Bayesian data analysis of photon-limited data acquired in tomographic measurements. Basic statistical concepts, elements of decision theory, and counting statistics, including models of photon-limited data and Poisson approximations, are discussed in the first chapters. Monte Carlo methods and Markov chains in posterior analysis are discussed next along with an introduction to nuclear imaging and applications such as PET and SPECT. The final chapter includes illustrative examples of statistical computing, based on Poisson-multinomial statistics. Examples include calculation of Bayes factors and risks as well as Bayesian decision making and hypothesis testing. Appendices cover probability distributions, elements of set theory, multinomial distribution of single-voxel imaging, and derivations of sampling distribution ratios. C++ code used in the final chapter is also provided. The text can be used as a textbook that provides an introduction to Bayesian statistics and advanced computing in medical imaging for physicists, mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists. It is also a valuable resource for a wide spectrum of practitioners of nuclear imaging data analysis, including seasoned scientists and researchers who have not been exposed to Bayesian paradigms.

Imaging Coronary Atherosclerosis (Hardcover, 2014): Stephen J Nicholls, Tim Crowe Imaging Coronary Atherosclerosis (Hardcover, 2014)
Stephen J Nicholls, Tim Crowe
R4,417 R3,062 Discovery Miles 30 620 Save R1,355 (31%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For over 50 years, coronary angiography has been the mainstay of diagnosing and quantifying the extent of coronary artery disease. However appreciation of the inherent limitations of conventional angiography has led to a plethora of new imaging modalities, each with their relative strengths and potential pitfalls. Advances in these techniques have given clinicians, as well as researchers, an overwhelming amount of information and the need for thoughtful interpretation. This outstanding book provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of imaging of coronary atherosclerosis. Covering the wide variety of available imaging modalities, the book provides state-of-the-art knowledge from leading authorities in each area. In their discussion, the authors include both invasive and non-invasive modalities, including the gold standard coronary angiography, the growing field of IVUS, and novel techniques such as functional imaging, molecular imaging, and the integration of biomarkers. The key concepts and practical information given in this volume will provide the reader with the necessary understanding to choosing appropriate imaging studies and building confidence in their skill set with each.

Advanced Quantitative Imaging Of Knee Joint Repair (Hardcover): Ravinder R. Regatte Advanced Quantitative Imaging Of Knee Joint Repair (Hardcover)
Ravinder R. Regatte
R3,229 R2,995 Discovery Miles 29 950 Save R234 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Over the last two decades, there have been numerous exciting developments in the surgical field of articular cartilage repair. Magnetic resonance imaging plays a critical role in pre-operative surgical planning, through its ability to identify the extent and severity of cartilage lesions. It also plays an important role in post-operative management, by allowing surgeons to noninvasively monitor the morphological status of repaired cartilage tissue.This book covers recent advances in ultra high field MRI and biochemical MRI techniques such as T2 mapping, delayed gadolinium enhanced MRI of cartilage (dGEMRIC), gagCEST and sodium MRI. It is written by a multidisciplinary team including basic scientists, radiologists, orthopaedic surgeons and biomedical engineers. The volume is an ideal reference guide for musculoskeletal radiologists, basic research scientists, orthopedic surgeons and biomedical engineers etc.

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Thomas H Schindler, Richard T. George, … Hardcover R3,311 R3,002 Discovery Miles 30 020
Easy EMG - A Guide to Performing Nerve…
Jay M. Weiss, Lyn D. Weiss, … Paperback R1,481 R1,252 Discovery Miles 12 520