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Essentials of Radiologic Science (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Denise Orth Essentials of Radiologic Science (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Denise Orth
R2,764 R2,463 Discovery Miles 24 630 Save R301 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

While maintaining the focused, student-friendly approach this title is known for, the updated 2nd Edition of Essentials of Radiologic Science now adds more detail and context on key topics to better meet the needs of today's classroom. Designed throughout to help students succeed in the course and begin preparing for the ARRT examination from the very beginning of their program, the 2nd Edition now includes comprehensive coverage of digital imaging, an array of in-book and online learning tools to help students of all learning styles master the content, and a powerful suite of online instructor's resources.

Cardiac Imaging: The Requisites (Hardcover, 4th Revised edition): Lawrence Boxt, Suhny Abbara Cardiac Imaging: The Requisites (Hardcover, 4th Revised edition)
Lawrence Boxt, Suhny Abbara
R2,211 R1,945 Discovery Miles 19 450 Save R266 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Get the essential tools you need to make an accurate diagnosis with Cardiac Imaging, 4th Edition! Edited by Lawrence Boxt, MD and Suhny Abbara, MD, this popular volume in The Requisites series concisely delivers the conceptual, factual, and interpretive information you need for effective clinical practice in cardiac imaging. Practice-proven tips and excellent problem-solving discussions are accompanied by over 1000 figures and illustrations of the highest quality. The result is an outstanding review source for certification or recertification, as well as a highly user-friendly resource for everyday clinical practice. Master core knowledge of all imaging modalities currently being used (plain film, ultrasound, CT, and MR), and discusses potential future developments. Focus on the essentials needed to pass the boards and ensure accurate diagnoses in clinical practice. Clearly visualize the findings you're likely to see in practice and on exams through updated and redrawn illustrations and color images interspersed throughout the text for easier and more intuitive access. Gain new insight into a full range of cardiac imaging approaches and findings with new sections on congenital heart disease, emphasizing MRI and CT diagnostic and functional analysis as well as and updated information on valvular, ischemic, pericardial, myocardial, congenital, and thoracic/aortic heart disease. Benefit from the expertise and fresh perspective of new lead editors, Drs. Lawrence Boxt and Suhny Abbara. Access the fully searchable text and downloadable images online at expert consult.

Medical Computer Vision - Recognition Techniques and Applications in Medical Imaging (Paperback, 2011 ed.): Bjoern Menze, Georg... Medical Computer Vision - Recognition Techniques and Applications in Medical Imaging (Paperback, 2011 ed.)
Bjoern Menze, Georg Langs, Zhuowen Tu, Antonio Criminisi
R1,757 R1,460 Discovery Miles 14 600 Save R297 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the International Workshop on Medical Computer Vision, MCV 2010, held in Beijing, China, in September 2010 as a satellite event of the 13th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2010. The 10 revised full papers and 11 revised poster papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 38 initial submissions. The papers explore the use of modern image recognition technology in tasks such as semantic anatomy parsing, automatic segmentation and quantification, anomaly detection and categorization, data harvesting, semantic navigation and visualization, data organization and clustering, and general-purpose automatic understanding of medical images.

Landmarking and Segmentation of 3D CT Images (Paperback): Shantanu Banik, Rangaraj Rangayyan, Graham Boag Landmarking and Segmentation of 3D CT Images (Paperback)
Shantanu Banik, Rangaraj Rangayyan, Graham Boag
R1,106 R972 Discovery Miles 9 720 Save R134 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Segmentation and landmarking of computed tomographic (CT) images of pediatric patients are important and useful in computer-aided diagnosis (CAD), treatment planning, and objective analysis of normal as well as pathological regions. Identification and segmentation of organs and tissues in the presence of tumors are difficult. Automatic segmentation of the primary tumor mass in neuroblastoma could facilitate reproducible and objective analysis of the tumor's tissue composition, shape, and size. However, due to the heterogeneous tissue composition of the neuroblastic tumor, ranging from low-attenuation necrosis to high-attenuation calcification, segmentation of the tumor mass is a challenging problem. In this context, methods are described in this book for identification and segmentation of several abdominal and thoracic landmarks to assist in the segmentation of neuroblastic tumors in pediatric CT images. Methods to identify and segment automatically the peripheral artifacts and tissues, the rib structure, the vertebral column, the spinal canal, the diaphragm, and the pelvic surface are described. Techniques are also presented to evaluate quantitatively the results of segmentation of the vertebral column, the spinal canal, the diaphragm, and the pelvic girdle by comparing with the results of independent manual segmentation performed by a radiologist. The use of the landmarks and removal of several tissues and organs are shown to assist in limiting the scope of the tumor segmentation process to the abdomen, to lead to the reduction of the false-positive error, and to improve the result of segmentation of neuroblastic tumors.

Table of Contents: Introduction to Medical Image Analysis / Image Segmentation / Experimental Design and Database / Ribs, Vertebral Column, and Spinal Canal / Delineation of the Diaphragm / Delineation of the Pelvic Girdle / Application of Landmarking / Concluding Remarks

Diagnostic Radiology: Chest and Cardiovascular Imaging (Hardcover, 4th Revised edition): Anu Garg, Arun Kumar Gupta, Niranjan... Diagnostic Radiology: Chest and Cardiovascular Imaging (Hardcover, 4th Revised edition)
Anu Garg, Arun Kumar Gupta, Niranjan Khandelwal
R1,918 Discovery Miles 19 180 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This new edition is a complete guide to diagnostic imaging of the chest and cardiovascular system. Beginning with an overview of chest radiology, techniques and anatomy, the following sections discuss imaging for different pulmonary diseases. The second part of the book covers diagnostic imaging for cardiovascular disorders and includes a chapter on children with congenital heart disease. The fourth edition has been fully revised to provide radiologists with the latest information in their field, and includes new chapters on basic patterns of lung disease on CT, and miscellaneous interstitial lung diseases such as acute respiratory distress syndrome, lipoid pneumonia, and emphysema. The comprehensive text features discussion on the increasing use of image-guided interventions, and is further enhanced by radiological images and tables. Key points Fourth edition presenting latest advances in diagnostic imaging for pulmonary and cardiovascular disorders Fully revised text with new topics added Highly illustrated with radiological images and tables Previous edition (9788184488685) published in 2010

Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): Kenji Suzuki Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
Kenji Suzuki
R4,828 R4,024 Discovery Miles 40 240 Save R804 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging is a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art computational intelligence research and technologies in biomedical images with emphasis on biomedical decision making. Biomedical imaging offers useful information on patients' medical conditions and clues to causes of their symptoms and diseases. Biomedical images, however, provide a large number of images which physicians must interpret. Therefore, computer aids are demanded and become indispensable in physicians' decision making. This book discusses major technical advancements and research findings in the field of computational intelligence in biomedical imaging, for example, computational intelligence in computer-aided diagnosis for breast cancer, prostate cancer, and brain disease, in lung function analysis, and in radiation therapy. The book examines technologies and studies that have reached the practical level, and those technologies that are becoming available in clinical practices in hospitals rapidly such as computational intelligence in computer-aided diagnosis, biological image analysis, and computer-aided surgery and therapy.

Functional Brain Tumor Imaging (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): Jay J. Pillai Functional Brain Tumor Imaging (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
Jay J. Pillai
R3,677 R3,008 Discovery Miles 30 080 Save R669 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book presents a comprehensive overview of current state-of-the-art clinical physiological imaging of brain tumors. It focuses on the clinical applications of various modalities as they relate to brain tumor imaging, including techniques such as blood oxygen level dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, magnetic source imaging/magnetoencephalography, magnetic resonance perfusion imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging, amide proton transfer imaging, high angular resolution diffusion imaging, and molecular imaging. Featuring contributions from renowned experts in functional imaging, this book examines the diagnosis and characterization of brain tumors, details the application of functional imaging to treatment planning and monitoring of therapeutic intervention, and explores future directions in physiologic brain tumor imaging. Intended for neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, residents, and medical students, Functional Imaging of Brain Tumors is a unique resource that serves to advance patient care and research in this rapidly developing field.

ECG at a Glance (Paperback): Patrick Davey ECG at a Glance (Paperback)
Patrick Davey
R877 Discovery Miles 8 770 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Highly Commended in the Cardiology category at the British Medical Association Book Awards 2009

This brand new title in the popular "at a Glance" seriescombines the science behind ECGs with how to use them to guide diagnosis and treatment. These key skills are fundamental for examination of the cardiovascular system and all medical students and specialist nurses are expected to be proficient at ECG interpretation.

The a"t a Glance" approach provides a large number of clear diagrams and example ECGs alongside concise text, putting the ECGs into a clinical context, all in easy-to-absorb double-page sections.

CT & MRI Pathology: A Pocket Atlas, Third Edition (Paperback, 3rd edition): Michael Grey, Jagan Ailinani CT & MRI Pathology: A Pocket Atlas, Third Edition (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Michael Grey, Jagan Ailinani
R1,416 R1,114 Discovery Miles 11 140 Save R302 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The acclaimed pocket atlas of the most common pathologic conditions seen on CT and MRI - more essential than ever, with new images and cases Designed for quick look-up at the point of care, this concise handbook provides technologists and students with CT and MRI findings of 200 pathologic conditions most often seen in day-to-day practice, along with pertinent clinical information. Each pathology listed has a single page of text accompanied by MRI and/or CT images, often providing multiple perspectives of the same pathology. The text includes a description of etiology, epidemiology, signs and symptoms, imaging characteristics, for CT and MRI, treatment, and prognosis statements. The book also includes a valuable opening section on the Principles of Imaging in Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging and an informative section on Contrast Media. Designed for portability and ease of use, this handbook enables technologists to quickly check pathologic imaging findings and essential clinical information without having to refer to large, heavy textbooks

Imaging Dopamine (Hardcover): Paul Cumming Imaging Dopamine (Hardcover)
Paul Cumming
R2,790 R2,577 Discovery Miles 25 770 Save R213 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since its discovery 50 years ago, brain dopamine has been implicated in the control of movement and cognition, and is concerned with diverse brain diseases such as Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia and drug addiction. This book is an illustrated biography of the dopamine molecule, from its synthesis in the brain to its signalling mechanisms and ultimately to its metabolic breakdown. Using colour illustrations of positron emission tomography (PET) scans, each chapter presents a specific stage in the biochemical pathway for dopamine. Writing for researchers and graduate students, Paul Cumming presents a compilation of all that has been learned about dopamine through molecular imaging, a technology which allows the measurement of formerly invisible processes in the living brain. He reviews current technical controversies in the interpretation of dopamine imaging, and presents key results illuminating brain dopamine in illness and health.

Global Oncology - Harvard Global Health Catalyst summit lecture notes (Hardcover): Wilfred Ngwa, Paul Nguyen Global Oncology - Harvard Global Health Catalyst summit lecture notes (Hardcover)
Wilfred Ngwa, Paul Nguyen; Contributions by Omoruyi Credit Irabor, Juliet Matton, Vanessa Kerry, …
R2,657 R2,383 Discovery Miles 23 830 Save R274 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review (Paperback): Jonathan Howard, Anuradha Singh Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review (Paperback)
Jonathan Howard, Anuradha Singh
R2,946 R2,054 Discovery Miles 20 540 Save R892 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Neuroimaging has become an integral part of clinical neurology practice in tandem with good history taking and physical examination. This is the first all-in-one guide, presenting illustrative examples of signature neuroimaging findings in clinical context specifically for neurologists. With more than 1,500 images, the authors have assembled an accessible resource and review that presents over 170 core topics using the imaging findings as a platform todiscuss pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and disease management. Written with the practitioner or student of neurology in mind, Neurology Image-based Clinical Review profiles each condition in an easy-to-read format, alongside a wealth of images designed to help develop proficiency in recognizing and treating both common and rare neurologic conditions. This unique book is organized into fifteen chapters covering all major areas of neurology including stroke, hemorrhage, neoplasms, epilepsy, trauma, neurodegenerative conditions, infectious diseases, pediatric syndromes, and much more. Each topic is introduced with a brief case scenario and image-based diagnosis, followed by bulleted introduction, clinical presentation, radiographic appearance and diagnostic hallmarks, differential diagnosis, and treatment. Numerous examples throughout foster familiarity with key imaging findings and confidence interpreting MRI, CT, MRA, angiography, EEG, gross, and microscopic neuropathology images. Selected references for further study follow each topic. Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review is an essential reference for medical students, practicing neurologists, residents looking to hone their knowledge, or anyone sharpening clinical and interpretive skills for board or MOC review. Key Features: Comes with free access to the fully-searchable downloadable e-book, including an image gallery Covers the full spectrum of neurologic disease with over 170 topics and more than 1500 images Includes chapters on commonly encountered problems and rare syndromes that may be missed in the clinic Presents the latest information on clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and differential diagnoses of various neurological disorders Consistent format for easy readability and targeted review

Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging - Methods and Protocols (Hardcover, 2011): Michel Modo, Jeff W.M. Bulte Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging - Methods and Protocols (Hardcover, 2011)
Michel Modo, Jeff W.M. Bulte
R5,385 R4,787 Discovery Miles 47 870 Save R598 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The advent of non-invasive imaging technology, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), has allowed biologists and clinicians to make great strides in unraveling the secrets of the brain. In Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging: Methods and Protocols, expert researchers in the field provide a comprehensive collection of experimental MRI protocols that can be used to non-invasively interrogate the healthy and diseased brain. The chapters are divided into general techniques, such as the measurement of relaxivity, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, diffusion tensor imaging, and MR reporter genes, as well as specific applications in brain imaging, for example, phenotyping transgenic animals, detecting amyloid plaques, and fMRI in psychiatry. As a volume in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology(TM) series, this work contains the type of detailed description and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results. Thorough and cutting-edge, Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging: Methods and Protocols serves neuroscientists, clinical neurologists, psychiatrists, and radiologists with an excellent compendium of methods easily applied to both animal and human studies and certain to be an excellent resource for translational research.

Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): B.J. Manaster Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
B.J. Manaster
R6,875 R5,937 Discovery Miles 59 370 Save R938 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The newest edition of Manaster's Diagnostic Imaging: Musculoskeletal Non-Traumatic Disease combines the largest number of musculoskeletal images with the broadest non-trauma coverage available. Featuring more than 300 diagnoses highlighting the most recent information, references, and images, it serves as a practical, highly formatted guide that's well-suited for practicing radiologists who desire a better understanding of the intricacies of musculoskeletal diseases. Expert Consult eBook version included, which allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices Guides practicing radiologists through the complexities of various disorders, such as arthritis, collagen vascular diseases, bone tumors, soft tissue tumors, infections, systemic diseases, developmental and congenital abnormalities, and metabolic diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system Brand-new images within every chapter provide examples of the entire disease spectrum for each diagnosis Includes all relevant modalities for non-traumatic MSK imaging Features richly colored graphics and fully annotated images to highlight the most important diagnostic possibilities Highly templated and bulleted format makes it easier than ever to locate key information Written primarily for clinical radiologists, including both general radiologists and musculoskeletal imaging specialists, yet also useful for more senior residents in clinical service

Brain Imaging in Behavioral Neuroscience (Hardcover, 2012 ed.): Cameron S. Carter, Jeffrey W. Dalley Brain Imaging in Behavioral Neuroscience (Hardcover, 2012 ed.)
Cameron S. Carter, Jeffrey W. Dalley
R5,874 R4,740 Discovery Miles 47 400 Save R1,134 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume highlights the remarkable new developments in brain imaging, including those that apply magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET), that allow us to non invasively study the living human brain in health and in disease. These technological advances have allowed us to obtain new and powerful insights into the structure and function of the healthy brain as it develops across the life cycle, as well as the molecular make up of brain systems and circuits as they develop and change with age. New brain imaging technologies have also given us new insights into the causes of many common brain disorders, including ADHD, schizophrenia, depression and Alzheimer's disease, which collectively affect a large segment of the population. These new insights have major implications for understanding and treating these brain disorders, and are providing clinicians with the first ever set of biomarkers that can be used to guide diagnosis and monitor treatment effects. The advances in brain imaging over the last 20 years, summarized in this volume, represent a major advance in modern biomedical sciences. The Authors of this volume are leaders in the development of PET and MRI methods as well as clinical and translational researchers skilled in their use in patients with brain disorders. Individual chapters of this volume focus on the use of specific methodologies, covering the full range of PET chemistry based approaches as well as MRI methods from structural and diffusion tensor based imaging, to functional MRI of functional brain circuitry, to pharmacological MRI and MRI spectroscopic molecular imaging.

Leukemias - Principles and Practice of Therapy (Hardcover, New): Stefan Faderl, Hagop Kantarjian Leukemias - Principles and Practice of Therapy (Hardcover, New)
Stefan Faderl, Hagop Kantarjian
R3,408 R3,140 Discovery Miles 31 400 Save R268 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Edited by experts from one of the world's largest leukemia centers, this book provides information on the biology of the variety of leukemic disorders, up-to-date diagnostic testing and many new developments in therapy. Chapters covering new treatments present an outlook for the future and explain the rationale for ongoing clinical trials. Topics include: * Targeted therapy, e.g. tyrosine kinase inhibitors (Flt3, Aurora kinase inhibitors, kit inhibitors, BCR-ABL inhibitors) * Ras inhibitors * Epigenetic therapy (hypomethylaters and histone deacetylase inhibitors) * Lenalidomide analogs * New chemotherapy drugs, e.g. clofarabine, cloretazine, sapacitabine, forodesine * Combinations of chemotherapy with kinase inhibitors (e.g. ALL induction protocols in combination with dasatinib or imatinib) * New monoclonal antibodies (lumiliximab, humaxCD20, anti-CD40) * Thrombopoietic agents Leukemias: Principles and Practice of Therapy * Includes practical information to guide you in challenging situations, such as treatment of elderly patients, pregnancy, relapsed and refractory disease * Incorporates chapters on supportive care and pharmacologic information about the most frequently used drugs in this area

Medical Image Processing - Techniques and Applications (Hardcover, 2011 ed.): Geoff Dougherty Medical Image Processing - Techniques and Applications (Hardcover, 2011 ed.)
Geoff Dougherty
R4,286 R3,483 Discovery Miles 34 830 Save R803 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The field of medical imaging advances so rapidly that all of those working in it, scientists, engineers, physicians, educators and others, need to frequently update their knowledge in order to stay abreast of developments. While journals and periodicals play a crucial role in this, more extensive, integrative publications that connect fundamental principles and new advances in algorithms and techniques to practical applications are essential. Medical Image Processing: Techniques and Applications meets this challenge and provides an enduring bridge in the ever expanding field of medical imaging. It serves as an authoritative resource and self-study guide explaining sophisticated techniques of quantitative image analysis, with a focus on medical applications. The book emphasizes the conceptual framework of image analysis and the effective use of image processing tools. It presents a detailed approach to each application while emphasizing insight and "tricks of the trade," and the applicability of techniques to other research areas. Although each chapter is written by an expert (or experts) in that area and is essentially self-contained, fundamental connections between the different topics are emphasized so that the book forms an integrated whole. The book is designed for end users who wish to update their skills and understanding with the latest techniques in image analysis. Providing unprecedented breadth and detail, it will be a valuable cross-disciplinary resource both at the graduate and specialist level. It is also well suited to supplement and motivate learning in graduate-level image processing classes within biomedical engineering, radiology and computer science.

Fluorescence Imaging for Surgeons - Concepts and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015): Fernando D. Dip, Takeaki Ishizawa,... Fluorescence Imaging for Surgeons - Concepts and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015)
Fernando D. Dip, Takeaki Ishizawa, Norihiro Kokudo, Raul J. Rosenthal
R3,853 R3,185 Discovery Miles 31 850 Save R668 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This text presents the experiences of leading researchers and surgeons with different fluorescence methods. Chapters range from basic science of fluorescence to current clinical applications and new horizons. The first few chapters describe the historical evolution and physical principles of fluorescence and provide the foundation for the reader to understand the current scope and limits of its use in surgery. The second section focuses on the clinical applications of intraoperative fluorescence imaging including subsections on fluorescence cholangiography, applications to hepatectomy, lymph node navigation, applications to GI tract and pelvic surgery and identification of cancer tissues. The third section focuses on new frontiers including fluorescence probes, imaging systems and applications to photodynamic therapy. Authored by leaders in the development of fluorescent methods worldwide, Fluorescence Imaging for Surgeons: Concepts and Applications will have an impact on numerous medical specialists including general surgeons, colorectal and minimally-invasive surgeons and surgical oncologists. Researchers will find the book to be an invaluable resource on the latest advances in the utilization of nanoparticles and fluorescent probes.

Bariatric Endoscopy (Hardcover, 2013 ed.): Christopher C. Thompson Bariatric Endoscopy (Hardcover, 2013 ed.)
Christopher C. Thompson
R3,893 R3,365 Discovery Miles 33 650 Save R528 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

To date, diet programs and medical therapies for the treatment of obesity have had limited success. Bariatric surgery, however, provides a means of effective weight loss for many of those with morbid obesity. Most of these weight loss procedures are performed with a variety of techniques that continue to evolve. Each technique is associated with unique challenges and complications and it is important for the clinician to be knowledgeable about the endoscopic management of these patients. Additionally, as endoscopic technology evolves it may offer more than just the diagnosis and treatment of complications. Endoscopic therapy may soon allow less invasive bariatric revision procedures as well as a variety of primary obesity therapies for various patient populations. "Bariatric Endoscopy" reviews the management of obesity, normal post-surgical anatomy, endoscopic and medical management of post-surgical complications, and future endoscopic therapies for obesity management. Organized into five sections, the volume covers an obesity overview, traditional therapy, endoscopy and the bariatric patient, medical management of post-surgical complications, and the future role of endoscopy in obesity management. Detailed illustrations are also provided for surgical procedures, complications and obesity management chapters. Authored by authorities in the field, "Bariatric Endoscopy" is an indispensible tool for the gastroenterologist or surgical endoscopist as they care for patients with complicated bariatric issues.

Neuropathologic and Neuroradiologic Correlations - A Differential Diagnostic Text and Atlas (Hardcover): Murat Gokden, Manoj... Neuropathologic and Neuroradiologic Correlations - A Differential Diagnostic Text and Atlas (Hardcover)
Murat Gokden, Manoj Kumar
R5,069 Discovery Miles 50 690 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Neuroscience is an evolving, complex, and multidisciplinary field of medicine. Neuroradiologists and neuropathologists are an important part of the multidisciplinary team, in addition to neurosurgeons, neurologists, and other disciplines. Featuring over nine hundred images, this practical textbook and atlas combines the specialties of neuroradiology and neuropathology, providing an extensive understanding of the disease process. It offers a comprehensive review of the nervous system diseases, including eye, skeletal muscle, and bone and soft tissue diseases. Topics are covered in chapters arranged by region, allowing for quick reference of conditions such as brain tumors, spinal cord diseases, or congenital malformations. Introductory chapters on pathologic and radiologic techniques are also featured, enabling specialists of both areas to familiarize themselves with the other's subject. Packaged with a password to give the user online access to all the text and images, this is a must-have resource for comprehensive and accurate diagnosis.

Genitourinary Imaging: A Core Review (Paperback): Matthew S. Davenport Genitourinary Imaging: A Core Review (Paperback)
Matthew S. Davenport
R1,376 R1,259 Discovery Miles 12 590 Save R117 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Assess your knowledge and master core material with this image-rich review tool! Designed to follow the structure of the Core Exam module for genitourinary imaging, Genitourinary Imaging: A Core Review prepares you for the exam with coverage of image acquisition physics, iatrogenic adverse events, image-based diagnosis, percutaneous biopsy and drainage catheter techniques, disease management, medical ethics, and more. 300 questions, answers, and explanations accompany hundreds of high-quality radiographs, CT, and MR image, in a format that mimics the Core Exam. Put this user-friendly resource to work for you and approach the Core Exam and MOC exam with confidence!Key Features: Prepare for every aspect of the exam with thorough coverage of contrast media, kidneys, adrenal glands, upper and lower GU tract, male and female genitalia, retroperitoneum, and more. Questions are divided according to the Core Exam Study Guide , so you can work on particular topics as needed. Multiple-choice questions and extended matching questions have corresponding answers with explanations of not only why one answer is correct, but also why other options are incorrect. References are provided for every question, helping you further your knowledge when you want to delve more deeply into a particular topic. An ideal reference and review tool for residents, fellows, practicing radiologists, and those preparing for Maintenance of Certification. Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, offering tablet, smartphone, and online access to: Complete content with enhanced navigation Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use

Clinical Vascular Anatomy and Variations (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2001): P. Lasjaunias, A. Berenstein, K. G. Ter Brugge Clinical Vascular Anatomy and Variations (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2001)
P. Lasjaunias, A. Berenstein, K. G. Ter Brugge
R8,199 Discovery Miles 81 990 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Recent clinical experience and tremendous technical advances make it more imperative than ever that operators performing embolization have a sound background in functional neuroanatomy and clinical evaluation in addition to technical training. This book provides a description of vascular anatomy that will permit the accurate assessment of variations and functional territories and will make the prediction of the risks and management of cerebral vascular disease possible. Through this type of anatomical analysis every potential arrangement in cerebral vascular development can be predicted. Thus, endovascular procedures in the spinal cord and brain can be best planned and performed. Pierre Lasjaunias, Alejandro Berenstein, and Karel ter Brugge are highly committed to both research and teaching in the clinical field of neurovascular diseases. The first volume of the second edition of Surgical Neuroangiography combines the previous volumes 1 and 3 in one book.

Medical Imaging Informatics (Hardcover, Edition.): Alex A.T. Bui, Ricky K. Taira Medical Imaging Informatics (Hardcover, Edition.)
Alex A.T. Bui, Ricky K. Taira
R4,923 R4,014 Discovery Miles 40 140 Save R909 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Medical Imaging Informatics provides an overview of this growing discipline, which stems from an intersection of biomedical informatics, medical imaging, computer science and medicine. Supporting two complementary views, this volume explores the fundamental technologies and algorithms that comprise this field, as well as the application of medical imaging informatics to subsequently improve healthcare research. Clearly written in a four part structure, this introduction follows natural healthcare processes, illustrating the roles of data collection and standardization, context extraction and modeling, and medical decision making tools and applications.

Medical Imaging Informatics identifies core concepts within the field, explores research challenges that drive development, and includes current state-of-the-art methods and strategies.

Recent Advances in the 3D Physiological Human (Hardcover, 2009): Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Jian J. Zhang, David Dagan Feng Recent Advances in the 3D Physiological Human (Hardcover, 2009)
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Jian J. Zhang, David Dagan Feng
R3,753 R2,883 Discovery Miles 28 830 Save R870 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Research into the 3D Physiological Human is a very active field focusing on the creation of patient-specific computer models for personalised healthcare. Reporting on how these models can simulate and provide a better understanding of human physiology and pathology, this book also looks at how the evolution and the improvement of technological devices such as scanners, medical instruments, and computer power have helped in our understanding of the human body and its functionalities.

The book contains contributions from leading researchers from a variety of disciplines (including computer graphics, biomechanics, knowledge representation, human-machine interfaces etc) associated with medical imaging, simulation, computer-assisted surgery and 3D semantics.

Divided into three parts: anatomical and physiological modelling, physically-based simulation, and medical analysis and knowledge management, this book provides a clear picture of the most recent advances in this increasingly important area.

Computed Tomography for Technologists: Exam Review (Paperback, 2nd edition): Lois Romans Computed Tomography for Technologists: Exam Review (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Lois Romans
R1,355 R1,238 Discovery Miles 12 380 Save R117 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Computed Tomography for Technologists: Exam Review, Second Edition, is intended to be used as a companion to Computed Tomography for Technologists: A Comprehensive Text, Second Edition, and as a review of computed tomography on its own. This is an excellent resource for students preparing to take the advanced level certification exam offered by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Key features include: Content presented in a user-friendly bulleted format Registry-style review questions with rationales for each chapter Mock exam chapter following the ARRT exam format Online exam simulator on thePoint eBook available for purchase. Fast, smart, and convenient, today's eBooks can transform learning. These interactive, fully searchable tools offer 24/7 access on multiple devices, the ability to highlight and share notes, and more

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