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International Business and the Eclectic Paradigm - Developing the OLI Framework (Hardcover): John Cantwell, Rajneesh Narula International Business and the Eclectic Paradigm - Developing the OLI Framework (Hardcover)
John Cantwell, Rajneesh Narula
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1. The eclectic paradigm in the global economy. John Cantwell and Rajneesh Narula
2. The eclectic (OLI) paradigm of international production: Past, present and future. John H. Dunning
3. New Instructional Economics: An organising framework for OLI. Elizabeth Maitland and Stephen Nicholas
4. FDI and endogenous growth: IB perspectives. Terutomo Ozama and Sergio Castello
5. The co-evolutional advantage: Strategic management theory and the eclectic paradigm. Anoop Madhok and Anupama Phene
6. From OLI to OLMA: Incorporating higher levels of environmental and structural complexity into the eclectic paradigm. Stephen Guisinger
7. From a theory to a paradigm: Examining the eclectic paradigm as a framework in international economics
8. Managerial beliefs, market contestability and dominant strategic orientation in the eclectic paradigm. Timothy M. Devinney, David F. Midgley and Sunil Venaik
9. The Micro-Mechanics of foreign operations' performance: an analysis based on the OLI-framework. Gabriel R.G. Benito and Sverre Tomassen
10. The eclectic paradigm and the recognition of finance-specific factors. Lars Oxelheim, Trond Rand°y and Arthur Stonehill
11. The challenge of electronic markets for international business theory. John H. Dunning and Cliff Wymbs
12. The recent globalisation of the italian banking sector. An interpretation based on the ecelctic paradigm. Lucia Piscitello
13. OLI:a critical reflection and some conclusions. Lorraine Eden

The Learning Layer - Building the Next Level of Intellect in Your Organization (Hardcover): Steven D. Flinn The Learning Layer - Building the Next Level of Intellect in Your Organization (Hardcover)
Steven D. Flinn
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Perhaps you have already noticed that a fundamentally new period of IT is now upon us--the era of "adaptation"--in which our systems learn from their experiences with us, and then deliver this learning back to us in ways that make us all smarter and more productive. Emerging from this era of adaptation is a radically new phenomenon that goes well beyond the bounds and categories that have come before it, called "the learning layer."

The learning layer is a merging of people and systems that "automatically learns," "evolves, "and" integrates "into the very" fabric "of your business. The learning layer takes its lessons from the way the brain works, taps into the cognitive surplus of your organization, and leads to possibilities for attaining whole new levels of business productivity, innovation, and sustainable advantages. It makes the dream of the truly adaptive enterprise a reality.

Author Steven Flinn draws on his experience and expertise as a senior global executive, CIO, strategist, scientist, and inventor, to provide an in-depth look at the learning layer and how it promises to transform the performance of your organization.

"The Learning Layer" is written for business executives who want to begin staking out opportunities for taking their businesses to the next level of performance, as well as for practitioners in fields such as IT, knowledge management, organizational learning, and business innovation. And business and technology futurists who seek to understand, and extrapolate from, the next major wave of IT capabilities will find much to consider in these pages.

From Local Champions To Global Masters - A Strategic Perspective on Managing Internationalization (Hardcover, New): Paul... From Local Champions To Global Masters - A Strategic Perspective on Managing Internationalization (Hardcover, New)
Paul Verdin, Nick Van Heck
R1,383 R1,155 Discovery Miles 11 550 Save R228 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Globalization. What exactly does it mean for ordinary citizens? Drawing on their extensive experience of internationalisation and globalisation in practice, the authors focus on the obstacles faced by companies making the transition from local champions to global masters and provide a simple but structured framework to think about how it will affect your business. Examining the mistakes and successes of real companies, the book links questions regarding if and how companies should internationalize, the opportunities, challenges and threats and the strategic framework and tools for thinking about internationalization.

Doing Business in Mexico - A Practical Guide (Hardcover): Robert E. Stevens, Gus Gordon, David L Loudon, Thurmon Williams Doing Business in Mexico - A Practical Guide (Hardcover)
Robert E. Stevens, Gus Gordon, David L Loudon, Thurmon Williams
R2,122 Discovery Miles 21 220 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn what you need to know to conduct successful business in Mexico This book is a primer on all aspects of doing business in Mexico, with practical examples that illustrate the risks and benefits of Mexican business operations. It provides the basic knowledge that all prospective investors and entrepreneurs in Mexico need, especially in the light of NAFTA. One of the authors is the former CEO and chairman of a multinational, multi-billion dollar company headquartered in Mexico City; the other is a CPA and consultant with small-to-medium-sized firms. Doing Business in Mexico: A Practical Guide provides you with comprehensive, basic knowledge of the pros and cons of establishing a business in Mexico, NAFTA and its implications for businesses, and much more.This single volume gives you what you need to know about: the maquila industry--what it is and how NAFTA affects it information about taxes, labor law, and accounting differences between Mexico and the United States basic considerations in beginning a Mexican operation import/export requirements foreign currency exposure United States tax laws applicable to citizens living abroad. . . and includes five appendixes that supply you with: contact information--addresses, telephone numbers, Web sites--of useful government agencies and journals/periodicals in Mexico and Mexican consulates in the United States Spanish-English and English-Spanish business glossaries examples of Mexican financial statements minimum daily wage rates for various occupationsDoing Business in Mexico: A Practical Guide is a must for anyone with an interest in business operations in that country. If you are such a person, this is the one essential volume you cannot afford to miss Visit the author's Web page at http: //www.gusgordon.com

International Mergers and Acquisitions - A Reader (Paperback, New Ed): Peter J Buckley, Pervez N. Ghauri International Mergers and Acquisitions - A Reader (Paperback, New Ed)
Peter J Buckley, Pervez N. Ghauri
R839 R711 Discovery Miles 7 110 Save R128 (15%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Mergers and acquisitions have become the most dramatic demonstration of vision and strategy in the corporate world. With one single move you can change the course of your company, the careers of your managers and create value for your shareholders. Throughout the last decade mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have dominated the world economic scene. International Mergers & Acquisitions focuses on the financial, cultural and strategic aspects of international M&A activity and has a global, cross-cultural perspective. It presents a strategic view of the M&A process, examining managerial decision making in the planning, execution and post-merger phases. This reader provides a long awaited addition to existing International Business texts. Although there is much research interest in the subject, it is the first of its kind to deliver information in a usable text for courses on mergers and acquisitions from an international point of view. International Mergers and Acquisitions therefore fills a gap and presents a state of the art survey of this vital global phenomenon. Suitable for MBA, MSc and senior undergraduate students of International Business and Strategic Management.

Regional Infrastructure Systems - The Political Economy of Regional Infrastructure (Hardcover): Colin Turner Regional Infrastructure Systems - The Political Economy of Regional Infrastructure (Hardcover)
Colin Turner
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As the international economy globalises, there is a need for national infrastructure systems to adapt to form a global infrastructure system. This network of networks aids mobility between national systems as a means of supporting their territorial needs and preferences. This reflects a strategic approach to state infrastructuring as nations seek to utilise these physical systems to support and enhance their territoriality. Providing a thorough examination through the lens of economic infrastructure, the book addresses the forces of integration and fragmentation in global networks. This book explores the trend towards the development of regional infrastructure systems within the context of territorial strategy. Regional systems emerge out of states seeking to position themselves within the international system. Colin Turner identifies the diverse processes that are driving regional infrastructures, as well as examining the formal and informal patterns of integration that are shaping developments. This book is ideal for international political economy and regional development scholars who seek an advanced understanding of current regional infrastructure systems. It will also serve as a vital tool for practitioners who need to understand the implications for policy-making.

Money and Power - How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World (Paperback): William D. Cohan Money and Power - How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World (Paperback)
William D. Cohan 1
R355 R217 Discovery Miles 2 170 Save R138 (39%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

William D. Cohan's Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World is a chronicle of the most successful, iconic bank on Wall Street, from the firm's founding in 1869 to the present day. Goldman Sachs are the investment bank all other banks - and most businesses - want to emulate; the firm with the best talent, the best clients, the best strategy. But is their success just down to the gilded magic of the 'Goldman way'? William D. Cohan has gained unprecedented access to Goldman's inner circle - both on and off the record. In an astonishing story of clashing egos, backstabbing, sex scandals, private investigators, court cases and government cabals, he reveals what really lies beneath their gold-plated image. 'The best analysis yet of Goldman's increasingly tangled web of conflicts' Economist 'Startling ... lifts the lid on Goldman's pivotal role in the meltdown' Mail on Sunday 'Cohan portrays a firm that has grown so large and hungry that it's no longer long-term greedy but short-term vicious. And that's the wonder - and horror - of Goldman Sachs' Businessweek 'Cohan's book tells of bitter power struggles and business cock-ups' Guardian 'A definitive account of the most profitable and influential investment bank of the modern era' The New York Times Book Review William D. Cohan was an award-winning investigative journalist before embarking on a seventeen-year career as an investment banker on Wall Street. His first book, The Last Tycoons, about Lazard, won the 2007 Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award and was a New York Times bestseller. His second book, House of Cards, also a bestseller, is an account of the last days of Bear Stearns & Co.

International Purchasing and Management (Paperback, New edition): Alan E. Branch International Purchasing and Management (Paperback, New edition)
Alan E. Branch
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It is appropriate that at a time of enormous change and opportunity in the international trade scene and procurement environment that Alan Branch has chosen to write International Purchasing and Management, a unique and authoritative guide to the essential and strategic buying of products overseas. Written in his usual lucid and pragmatic style, the book looks at all of the stages involved in the international purchasing process to secure a delivered competitive price quotation from the suppliers premises to the buyers warehouse. It particularly reflects the international environment/infrastructure in which the goods are purchased. Branch takes the reader through the initial rationale of a company business to buy overseas, the selection and negotiation processes, the importing/exporting methodology, and finally the logistics of distribution and payment. Particular emphasis is also placed upon risk areas, the competitive environment and future trends. International Purchasing and Management includes a series of case studies; additional features on cargo insurance, Inco Terms 2000 and import customs practice planning, and an appendix of trade terms and abbreviations. This book will prove essential for CIPS, BTEC and degree courses on International Trade and Marketing, Retail Buying, Logistics and Purchasing, as well as for courses by trade associations and Chambers of Commerce, and as an 'aide memoire' to importers and overseas buyers.

Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures (Paperback): Erdener Kaynak, Belay Seyoum Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures (Paperback)
Erdener Kaynak, Belay Seyoum
R1,244 Discovery Miles 12 440 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn the ins and outs of the export-import business!Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures is a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of international trade theories and techniques. International trade professionals, researchers, students, and members of chambers of commerce will benefit from concepts and theories that explain international trade operations and give clearly defined goals and procedures for your business. This excellent text offers chapter summaries, references, World Wide Web addresses, and features learning aids such as figures, tables, vignettes, and other illustrations to help you compete in the global marketplace and better educate students in the field.With this informative text, you will explore trade agreements such as the GATT/WTO, NAFTA, and the European Economic Community (EEC), and how they affect trade. For example, you will read about the investment and intellectual property policies, as well as rules on government procurements, safeguards, and services of NAFTA. Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures examines export-import marketing and strategy concepts from setting up businesses to solving typical international logistics and transportation questions. Other areas you will examine include: documentation, risks, and different forms of insurance price setting in international trade export sales contracts documenting export-import trade the risks of foreign trade exchange rates and international trade methods of payment for exporting and importing goods the benefits and theories of countertrade the entry process for imports import relief to domestic industryExport-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures covers everything you need to know to start and run an export-import business. With over 100 tables and figures and a plethora of Web sites and Internet addresses to visit, this excellent text assists you in understanding the theories, practices, and procedures of exporting and importing to help you make informed and profitable business decisions.

The Innovation for Development Report 2009-2010 - Strengthening Innovation for the Prosperity of Nations (Paperback,... The Innovation for Development Report 2009-2010 - Strengthening Innovation for the Prosperity of Nations (Paperback, 2009-2010)
Augusto Lopez-Claros
R2,030 Discovery Miles 20 300 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The relative importance of various drivers of economic growth and prosperity has evolved over time and for a growing number of countries, innovation, in its many dimensions, is emerging as a leading factor. "The Innovation for Development Report "provides a comprehensive look at the role of innovation in enhancing the development process.

Learning from World Class Companies (Paperback, New edition): Rosalie L. Tung Learning from World Class Companies (Paperback, New edition)
Rosalie L. Tung
R1,247 R1,034 Discovery Miles 10 340 Save R213 (17%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Learning from World Class Companies surveys a wide selection of multi-national corporations including Coca-Cola, American Express, Boeing, General Motors, IBM, Novartis AG, Wal-Mart Stores, Walt Disney and Daimler Chrysler. Each multinational company is profiled with an overview of the corporation and its history, its significant contributions to global business, and the challenges and opportunities facing it in the coming decade. Accompanying each profile is an article from journals and popular press highlighting a recent issue or problem. The companies and articles have been chosen to give the reader an overview of all of the issues relevant to international business today.

Transcultural Customization of International Training Programs (Hardcover): Kim Hyunjoo Transcultural Customization of International Training Programs (Hardcover)
Kim Hyunjoo
R2,845 Discovery Miles 28 450 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Addresses the question of how to provide for your employees' needs in training and education when they are located on the other side of the globe. This book suggests a systematic process model for transcultural customization of training programs that reduces delivery cycle, and enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of existing programs. Theories of culture and instructional systems design models have been reviewed and a case study was conducted to locate transcultural customizations needs and to develop the new model. The book explains why and how to provide culturally adequate training programs using only existing training courses. In addition, it offers specific guidelines on how to utilize the model in order to meet the individual needs of a global organization's headquarters.

Global Business (Hardcover): Lawrence E. Koslow Ph.D., Robert H. Scarlett Global Business (Hardcover)
Lawrence E. Koslow Ph.D., Robert H. Scarlett
R870 Discovery Miles 8 700 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In today's world, more and more businesses are taking steps toward globalization, and companies must work to remain competitive. 'Global Business' will help every business professional understand how all the components fit together to create a truly global business. This quick-reference guide organizes an avalanche of information into 308 easily understood concepts that address many important issues, including how to: * determine your readiness for global expansion * gain upper management commitment to your international plan * import under customs laws * recognize scams and fraudulent transactions * introduce products into new markets * select employees for overseas assignments * manage international legal affairs * improve distributor performance * maintain a franchise relationship Other subjects include tips on how to do business in various countries and how to deal with regulations and guidelines specific to each nation. 'Global Business' is a must-read for understanding the advantages and pitfalls of expanding a business to a worldwide level.

Contemporary Perspectives on Rational Suicide (Paperback): James L Werth Contemporary Perspectives on Rational Suicide (Paperback)
James L Werth
R753 Discovery Miles 7 530 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This text brings together spokespersons from several different disciplines who can present their arguments for or against rational suicide as a viable concept and, consequently, a realistic option. The pros and cons of the discussion format bring the readers to search for their beliefs, and the final decision of acceptance or rejection of the concept is left to each individual reader.

New Asian Emperors (Paperback): George T. Haley, Chin Tiong Tan, Usha C.V. Haley New Asian Emperors (Paperback)
George T. Haley, Chin Tiong Tan, Usha C.V. Haley
R705 Discovery Miles 7 050 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Much has been written about the rise of the Asian economies in recent decades, and their coming economic dominance in the next century. The New Asian Emperors shows how and why overseas Chinese companies are achieving dominance in the Asia Pacific. In the wake of the Asian Currency crisis, this book takes a fresh look at the role of the overseas Chinese as they continue to create some of Asia's most wealthy and successful companies.
In particular, the authors tackle the principal difference between Western and Eastern business practices. The overseas Chinese, due to their origins and history developed a unique form of management - now they maintain it as their competitive advantage.
Although Asian governments are currently floundering, the overseas Chinese networks continue to prosper. The authors explain the following to Eastern and Western managers:
the sources and characteristics of overseas Chinese management,
how to combat the overseas Chinese,
the strengths and exploitable weaknesses of the overseas Chinese,
whether overseas Chinese management practices will spread in the same way as Japanese management did,
whether Western management technologies will find themselves outclassed.
A feature of the book are the exclusive, in-depth interviews with the New Asian
Emperors since most of them avoid the press and little is known of them.
- Develops a systematic theory of the Overseas Chinese networks and how they strategize
- Draws on interviews with CEOs of major Overseas Chinese companies, many of whom have never granted interviews before to academics

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing (Paperback): Dale Neef A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing (Paperback)
Dale Neef
R785 Discovery Miles 7 850 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is a time honored cautionary statement that has suddenly acquired a new urgency. A little knowledge is dangerous, because as a force for dramatic change, knowledge today is revolutionary. More is known and being learned everyday than was ever known or learned before. As a direct result, the pace of change-and that means change in the sense of everything from business to economics, science, medicine, and politics-is beginning to accelerate much more rapidly than ever before in mankind's history.
The purpose of this book then is twofold. First it is to provide a broader case for action for knowledge management-to explain what it is, why it has come about and why it is important. In this regard, we take a step back and try to understand the root causes behind the knowledge management techniques are very different, and in many ways more important, than the sort of process or productivity improvement techniques we have dealt with before.
"Brains, not brawn. The success of countries, companies and people in the next century will depend on what they know and how clever they are at using this knowledge. Dale Neef has given us the best outline yet of the forces behind this extraordinary change in the world economy, the threats and opportunities we all face, and the prizes that await the winners."
-Hamish McRae, author, The World in 2020, Associate editor, "The Independent," London
"Dale Neef has produced a singular achievement: a book which lucidly
explains the powerful driving role being played by knowledge in the emerging global economy. He provides a penetrating, all-too-rare trans-national perspective whichhighlights in a highly readable manner the historical, social and technological context within which this revolution is taking place. In doing so, he has stripped away the hype and jargon with which many knowledge management "experts" have clouded this structural change in the global economy.
Mr. Neef offers a fascinating array of facts to support his explanations and goes on to discuss the implications of these developments for managers, for companies and for national governments. This book is a must-read for anyone actively engaged in global business today."
-Jon Lowe, Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor
"A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing provides a very comprehensive view of the impact that the knowledge revolution on our 21st Century society. The economic dislocations that Dale Neef describes are already taking place, creating the prospect that large segments of our population may not have the skills for sustainable employment in the future. The implications of these events on the social and political fabric of our country give one great pause for reflection and concern."
-William R. Brody, President, The Johns Hopkins University
"Once again, Dale Neef combines just the right amounts of theory, academia and practical business experience to write a truly insightful book. In his consulting work, Mr. Neef's broad business, cultural and educational background has allowed him to analyze problems from a rich variety of perspectives. In this book, he artfully applies this skill to Knowledge Management."
-James R. Breakey, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Green Tree Financial Corporation
"This book is full of facts... that we needto understand if we are to draw critical conclusions about how the knowledge economy is impacting our businesses and our lives. Neef provides us with a broad perspective, concentrating not just on the US, but including insightful comparisons with Canada and Europe as well as many developing countries. The numbers provide an eye opening look at what has changed and what is changing in the knowledge economy...It is a book that challenges our thinking and ...provides a much needed conceptual framework to guide the actions organizations will need to take in the knowledge economy."
-Nancy M. Dixon, Associate Professor of Administrative Sciences, The George Washington University
"Leveraging employee knowledge has become a strategic necessity for all "high road" companies, and organizations must optimize knowledge management techniques in the new global economy. Ford understands the need to capitalize on the knowledge of our employees in order to improve our business and enhance shareholder value in what is now a knowledge-based, global economy."
-Dar Wolford, Ford Manager, Best Practice Replication
- Marries international knowledge management and economics
- Provides a broader business case for action based on clearly defined collective set of policies and practices
- The only book we know that explains the cause and effect relationship between the global knowledge-based economy and knowledge management

The Dynamics of International Strategy (Paperback, New edition): Susan Segal-Horn, David O. Faulkner The Dynamics of International Strategy (Paperback, New edition)
Susan Segal-Horn, David O. Faulkner
R1,493 R1,232 Discovery Miles 12 320 Save R261 (17%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

International strategy affects everyone: from the planning departments of large multinational organizations and the governments trying to attract their investment to the managers of small or medium-sized firms, the owners of neighbourhood stores and the employees of all companies. It is an increasingly important part of undergraduate business and management and MBA courses but is marginalised by mainstream strategy texts. Written by academics who also work as industrial consultants this comprehensive and accessible text provides an introduction to the key issues in strategic management within an international context. Using well-known strategy frameworks, as well as introducing new concepts, students will be able to make sense of the dynamics of international competition and international strategy.

Faster, Higher, Farther - The Inside Story of the Volkswagen Scandal (Paperback): Jack Ewing Faster, Higher, Farther - The Inside Story of the Volkswagen Scandal (Paperback)
Jack Ewing 1
R215 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R46 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

A shocking expose of Volkswagen's fraud by the New York Times reporter who covered the scandal. Updated with a New Afterword by the Author. When news of Volkswagen's clean diesel fraud first broke in September 2015, it sent shockwaves around the world. Overnight, the company long associated with quality, reliability and trust became a universal symbol of greed and deception. Consumers were outraged, investors panicked, the company embarrassed and facing bankruptcy. As lawsuits and criminal investigations piled up, by August 2016 VW had settled with American regulators and car-owners for $15 billion, with additional fines and claims still looming. In Faster, Higher, Farther, Jack Ewing rips the lid off the scandal. He describes VW's rise from "the people's car" during the Nazi era to one of Germany's most prestigious and important global brands, touted for being "green." He paints vivid portraits of Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech and chief executive Martin Winterkorn, arguing that their unremitting ambition drove employees, working feverishly in pursuit of impossible sales targets, to illegal methods. With unprecedented access to key players and a ringside seat during the course of the legal proceedings, Faster, Higher, Farther reveals how the succeed-at-all-costs culture prevalent in modern boardrooms led to one of corporate history's farthest-reaching cases of fraud-with potentially devastating consequences. As the future of one of the world's biggest companies remains uncertain, this is the extraordinary story of Volkswagen's downfall.

The Internationalization of the Firm : A Reader - A reader (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Peter J Buckley, Pervez N. Ghauri The Internationalization of the Firm : A Reader - A reader (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Peter J Buckley, Pervez N. Ghauri
R1,509 R1,249 Discovery Miles 12 490 Save R260 (17%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

The second edition of The Internationalization of the Firm: A Reader offers a detailed analysis of the forces at work in the process of internationalisation. This is the only publication currently available which contains a broad selection of the seminal articles in this field. The Internationalization of the Firm provides comprehensive coverage of the crucial issues in international business research: direct foreign investment, cultural issues and joint ventures, while at the same time presenting the material in a clear and accessible way. The articles are divided into sections, each of them covering the key topics at the heart of internationalization: the main concepts, the internationalization process, foreign market servicing, the multinational firm and the impact of culture on internationalization. The Internationalization of the Firm: A Reader is indispensable reading for all advanced undergraduates, postgraduate and MBA students of international business.

Foundations of International Marketing (Paperback, New edition): Steve Johnston, Harold Beaton Foundations of International Marketing (Paperback, New edition)
Steve Johnston, Harold Beaton
R1,402 R1,159 Discovery Miles 11 590 Save R243 (17%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Foundations of International Marketing is a student-orientated text that looks at international marketing from a business perspective. The book explains and analyses the different theories of international marketing and illustrates their application using examples from a variety of different firms, markets, products and services.

Business Simulations, Games, and Experiential Learning in International Business Education (Paperback): Erdener Kaynak, Joseph... Business Simulations, Games, and Experiential Learning in International Business Education (Paperback)
Erdener Kaynak, Joseph A Wolfe, J. Bernard Keys
R884 Discovery Miles 8 840 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

If you find traditional lectures and course material ineffective for teaching students how to develop a sensitivity to cultural differences and apply "home grown" technologies to foreign situations, Business Simulations, Games and Experiential Learning in International Business Education is the guide to help you remedy this predicament! Helpful and easy-to-use, this text teaches you how to use computer-based games and experiential learning exercises to teach international business. You'll learn how to place students in realistic situations where they can experiment with new behaviors and receive immediate, constructive feedback and then take what they have learned beyond the classroom.Business Simulations, Games and Experiential Learning in International Business Education helps you introduce students to global competition and business cultures as you explore important ethical, political, and social issues with them. You can better prepare your students for the challenges of international business if you pay particular attention to the book's discussions of: different levels of power-sharing alternatives to traditional international business course materials and methods changing the norms and behaviors of organizations and institutions the role gender plays in effective gaming environments simulating a European Works Council within a classroom environment promoting decisionmaking and flexibility in management style understanding business rules and regulations of different countriesAcademics teaching and researching in international business will find Business Simulations, Games and Experiential Learning in International Business Education an immensely useful tool as you struggle with the challenges of readying students for the international work environment. As you know, it is not enough that students be schooled in the latest developments and technologies. Use this book's games and learning techniques to emphasize to your students that international businessmen and women must not only know their field, but also be respectful of others'cultures and values, be linguistically flexible, and be aware of foreign business rules and regulations.

French Resistance - Individuals Versus the Company in French Corporate Life (Paperback): Michael Johnson French Resistance - Individuals Versus the Company in French Corporate Life (Paperback)
Michael Johnson
R1,485 Discovery Miles 14 850 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This study examines France's determination to remain aloof and unaffected as the world economy threatens the French way of doing business. Describing the difficulty in initiating change in French organizations, the author tells of the obstacles he encountered in attempting to modernize the working practices of a Paris firm. His observations are based upon customs and habits peculiar to the French, yet they apply equally to all foreign cultures. Management methods, attitudes to the outside world, and the historic roots of the French mentality are viewed and explained anecdotally, based on the author's experience of living and working in France, and are accompanied by humorous illustrations.

Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Consumer Research (Hardcover): Erdener Kaynak, Lalita Manrai Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Consumer Research (Hardcover)
Erdener Kaynak, Lalita Manrai
R2,235 Discovery Miles 22 350 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Consumer Research deals with several important issues crucial for greater understanding of international and cross-cultural consumer behavior. This understanding in turn can provide international marketers with valuable insights, such as conditions under which globalization may or may not work. The coverage in this book is interdisciplinary in nature, and the chapters discuss several constructs (intermediary variables, processes, and also other environmental influences) related to social, personal, and psychological components or consequences of culture.The book begins with a conceptual model of the effect of culture on consumer behavior, with the components and consequences of the cultural influences clearly identified in terms of social, personal, and psychological factors. The following chapters discuss general issues related to globalization and standardization, present conceptual approaches to propositions relating to multicultural contexts, and address consumer complaining behavior and responses to advertising. There are five chapters on empirical and methodological studies conducted in specific pairs of countries, with data obtained from Canada, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Poland, Romania, and the United States. In presenting readers with new information, Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Consumer Research spans these specific topics: the nature of cultural influence on consumer behavior globalization versus customization of international marketing strategy individualism versus collectivism right versus left symbolism product involvement consumer response to information technology interdependent versus independent culturesThe contributors are well-known scholars in the international/cross-cultural marketing field; their chapters present state-of-the-art developments in this area. The coverage of the material is interdisciplinary in nature and is likely to benefit a broad audience, especially academic researchers in international or cross-cultural consumer research and librarians of research-oriented schools, universities, or organizations.

Cedac - A Tool for Continuous Systematic Improvement (Paperback): Ryuji Fukuda Cedac - A Tool for Continuous Systematic Improvement (Paperback)
Ryuji Fukuda
R728 Discovery Miles 7 280 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When you're trying to improve quality and productivity, it's essential to target the right problems, get the right people involved in solving them, and make sure the solutions work. CEDAC will help you do all three. CEDAC, or Cause-and-Effect Diagram with the Addition of Cards, is a modification of the "fishbone diagram," a standard QC tool. One of the most powerful, yet simple problem solving methods to come out of Japan (Fukuda won a Deming Prize for developing it), CEDAC actually encompasses a whole cluster of tools for continuous systematic improvement.
They include: Window analysis for problem identification.

  • The CEDAC diagram for problem analysis and development of standards.
  • Nearly 50 illustrations and sample forms suitable for transparencies.
  • A removable CEDAC wall chart.
  • Window development for ensuring adherence to standards.

  • Here, in his own words, is Fukuda's how-to manual for the in-housesupport of improvement activities using CEDAC. Previously available only to his own clients, it provides step-by-step directions for setting up and using CEDAC. With a text that's concise, clear, and to the point. The manual is an ideal training aid.
Business Abroad (Hardcover): Lawrence E. Koslow Ph.D. Business Abroad (Hardcover)
Lawrence E. Koslow Ph.D.
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From something as simple as finding a distributor to as complex as founding an overseas operation. Here's a 'meat and potatoes' guide to entering and excelling in the international business arena. Combining theory, practice, and insider savvy, 'Business Abroad' shows you how to successfully take your company global and expand and improve your current global activities.
You'll find a straightforward plan of action for starting and conducting overseas business. This clear, succinct road map helps you effectively conduct key international business transactions. Mistakes in any of these areas could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, so there's specific help with:
* Exporting/importing * Distribution * Joint ventures * Licensing * Franchising * Technology transfer * and more...
Going international is not an easy decision, but this valuable guidebook makes it a simpler and more profitable one.

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