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Pharmacology In Clinical Practice - Application Made Easy For Nurses, Pharmacists And Allied Health Professionals (Paperback,... Pharmacology In Clinical Practice - Application Made Easy For Nurses, Pharmacists And Allied Health Professionals (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Gustav Schellack
R417 R367 Discovery Miles 3 670 Save R50 (12%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Now in its third edition, Pharmacology in Clinical Practice has been updated to ensure it remains up-to-date and relevant.

Particular care has been taken to simplify and clarify difficult concepts by explaining the links between pharmacology and physiology by providing definitions of new concepts, and using plain language for ease of understanding. Fundamental concepts, such as pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, are well covered in a matter that is accessible and clear. Individual chapters cover the various systems of the body.

Updates include:

  • A colour plate to illustrate the links between pharmacology and physiology
  • Additional information on side-effects, contra-indications and patient education for groups of drugs
  • A guide on how to access this information, to assist with exam preparation and nursing practice
  • An updated chapter on nursing management of drug preparations and treatment
  • An updated chapter on clinical applications
  • A chapter on the legal framework for dispensing and prescribing.
Oxford Handbooks Clinical Tutor Study Cards: Medicine (Cards, 2nd Revised edition): Tanya M. Monaghan, James D. Thomas Oxford Handbooks Clinical Tutor Study Cards: Medicine (Cards, 2nd Revised edition)
Tanya M. Monaghan, James D. Thomas
R636 Discovery Miles 6 360 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Fully updated for the second edition, these handy pocket-sized study cards remain an innovative and versatile revision solution. Containing vital techniques and tips, the study cards condense revision into short essential bursts. Ideal for revising quickly on the move, students can also use them when carrying out examinations, or as a reminder before ward rounds and teaching sessions. Arranged into clear sections, the cards allow the reader to find and digest topics easily, whilst full colour illustrations aid quick and confident diagnoses. Taking a system-based approach, the set covers all essential diseases and syndromes in just 166 double-sided cards. Each card first describes the clinical examination and symptoms, before covering the need-to-know essentials: aetiology, indications, differential diagnoses, complications and suitable investigations. The final part of each card covers the treatment or management of the disease.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (Part-work (fascculo), 10th Revised edition): Ian B. Wilkinson, Tim Raine, Kate Wiles,... Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (Part-work (fascculo), 10th Revised edition)
Ian B. Wilkinson, Tim Raine, Kate Wiles, Anna Goodhart, Catriona Hall, …
R862 Discovery Miles 8 620 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in its tenth edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine has been fully revised, with five new authors on the writing team bringing content fresh from the bedside. Space has been breathed into the design, with more core material at your fingertips in quick-reference lists and flow diagrams, and key references have been honed to the most up-to-date and relevant. Each page has been updated to reflect the latest changes in practice and best management, and the chapters on gastroenterology, history and examination, infectious disease, neurology, and radiology have been extensively revised. Unique among medical texts, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is a complete and concise guide to the core areas of medicine that also encourages thinking about the world from the patient's perspective, offering a holistic, patient-centred approach. Loved and trusted by millions for over three decades, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine continues to be a truly indispensable companion for the practice of modern medicine.

Chalk Talks in Internal Medicine - Scripts for Clinical Teaching (Paperback, 1st ed. 2020): Somnath Mookherjee, Lauren A.... Chalk Talks in Internal Medicine - Scripts for Clinical Teaching (Paperback, 1st ed. 2020)
Somnath Mookherjee, Lauren A. Beste, Jared W. Klein, Jennifer Wright
R2,383 Discovery Miles 23 830 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book provides teaching scripts for medical educators in internal medicine and coaches them in creating their own teaching scripts. Every year, thousands of attending internists are asked to train the next generation of physicians to master a growing body of knowledge. Formal teaching time has become increasingly limited due to rising clinical workload, medical documentation requirements, duty hour restrictions, and other time pressures. In addition, today's physicians-in-training expect teaching sessions that deliver focused, evidence-based content that is integrated into clinical workflow. In keeping with both time pressures and trainee expectations, academic internists must be prepared to effectively and efficiently teach important diagnostic and management concepts. A teaching script is a methodical and structured plan that aids in effective teaching. The teaching scripts in this book anticipate learners' misconceptions, highlight a limited number of teaching points, provide evidence to support the teaching points, use strategies to engage the learners, and provide a cognitive scaffold for teaching the topic that the teacher can refine over time. All divisions of internal medicine (e.g. cardiology, rheumatology, and gastroenterology) are covered and a section on undifferentiated symptom-based presentations (e.g. fatigue, fever, and unintentional weight loss) is included. This book provides well-constructed teaching scripts for commonly encountered clinical scenarios, is authored by experienced academic internists and allows the reader to either implement them directly or modify them for their own use. Each teaching script is designed to be taught in 10-15 minutes, but can be easily adjusted by the reader for longer or shorter talks.Teaching Scripts in Internal Medicine is an ideal tool for internal medicine attending physicians and trainees, as well as physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, and all others who teach and learn internal medicine.

Textbook of Personalized Medicine (Hardcover, 3rd ed. 2021): Kewal K. Jain Textbook of Personalized Medicine (Hardcover, 3rd ed. 2021)
Kewal K. Jain
R2,601 Discovery Miles 26 010 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book is for personalized medicine as a prescription of specific treatments and therapeutics best suited for an individual and considers genetic as well as environmental factors that influence responses to therapy. Best approaches are described for integration of all available technologies for optimizing the therapy of individual patients. This comprehensive third edition covers the latest advances in personalized medicine and several chapters are devoted to various specialties, particulary cancer which is the largest area of application. The book discusses the development of personalized medicine and various players in it such as companies, academic institutions, the government, and the public as the consumer of healthcare. Additionally, the roles of bioinformatics, electronic health records, and digital technologies for personalized medicine are discussed. Textbook of Personalized Medicine, 3rd Edition serves as a convenient source of information for students at many levels and in a wide range of fields, including physicians, scientists, and decision makers in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

This Is Bioethics - An Introduction (Paperback): Ruth F. Chadwick, Udo Schuklenk This Is Bioethics - An Introduction (Paperback)
Ruth F. Chadwick, Udo Schuklenk
R826 Discovery Miles 8 260 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Should editing the human genome be allowed? What are the ethical implications of social restrictions during a pandemic? Is it ethical to use animals in clinical research? Is prioritizing COVID-19 treatment increasing deaths from other causes? Bioethics is a dynamic field of inquiry that draws on interdisciplinary expertise and methodology to address normative issues in healthcare, medicine, biomedical research, biotechnology, public health, and the environment. This Is Bioethics is an ideal introductory textbook for students new to the field, exploring the fundamental questions, concepts, and issues within this rapidly evolving area of study. Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, this accessible volume helps students consider both traditional and cutting-edge questions, develop informed and defensible answers, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a diverse range of ethical positions in medicine. The authors avoid complex technical terms and jargon in favor of an easy-to-follow, informal writing style with engaging chapters designed to stimulate student interest and encourage class discussion. The book also features a deep dive into the realm of global public health ethics, including the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It considers topics like triage decision-making, the proportionality of society's response to COVID-19, whether doctors have a professional obligation to treat COVID-19 patients, and whether vaccines for this virus should be mandatory. A timely addition to the acclaimed This Is Philosophy series, This Is Bioethics is the ideal primary textbook for undergraduate bioethics and practical ethics courses, and is a must-have reference for students in philosophy, biology, biochemistry, and medicine.

Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2020 (Paperback, 1st ed. 2020): Jean-Louis Vincent Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2020 (Paperback, 1st ed. 2020)
Jean-Louis Vincent
R3,259 Discovery Miles 32 590 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Annual Update compiles reviews of the most recent developments in experimental and clinical intensive care and emergency medicine research and practice in one comprehensive reference book. The chapters are written by well recognized experts in these fields. The book is addressed to everyone involved in internal medicine, anesthesia, surgery, pediatrics, intensive care and emergency medicine.

Snyder and Champness Molecular Genetics of Bacteria (Hardcover, 5th Edition): Tina M. Henkin, Joseph E. Peters Snyder and Champness Molecular Genetics of Bacteria (Hardcover, 5th Edition)
Tina M. Henkin, Joseph E. Peters
R2,822 Discovery Miles 28 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The single most comprehensive and authoritative textbook on bacterial molecular genetics Snyder & Champness Molecular Genetics of Bacteria is a new edition of a classic text, updated to address the massive advances in the field of bacterial molecular genetics and retitled as homage to the founding authors. In an era experiencing an avalanche of new genetic sequence information, this updated edition presents important experiments and advanced material relevant to current applications of molecular genetics, including conclusions from and applications of genomics; the relationships among recombination, replication, and repair and the importance of organizing sequences in DNA; the mechanisms of regulation of gene expression; the newest advances in bacterial cell biology; and the coordination of cellular processes during the bacterial cell cycle. The topics are integrated throughout with biochemical, genomic, and structural information, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of modern bacterial molecular genetics and its relationship to other fields of modern biology. Although the text is centered on the most-studied bacteria, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis, many examples are drawn from other bacteria of experimental, medical, ecological, and biotechnological importance. The book's many useful features include Text boxes to help students make connections to relevant topics related to other organisms, including humans A summary of main points at the end of each chapter Questions for discussion and independent thought A list of suggested readings for background and further investigation in each chapter Fully illustrated with detailed diagrams and photos in full color A glossary of terms highlighted in the text While intended as an undergraduate or beginning graduate textbook, Molecular Genetics of Bacteria is an invaluable reference for anyone working in the fields of microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, bioengineering, medicine, molecular biology, and biotechnology. "This is a marvelous textbook that is completely up-to-date and comprehensive, but not overwhelming. The clear prose and excellent figures make it ideal for use in teaching bacterial molecular genetics." --Caroline Harwood, University of Washington

Applied Anatomy for Clinical Procedures at a Glance (Paperback): Jane Sturgess, Francesca Crawley, Ramez Kirollos, Kirsty Cattle Applied Anatomy for Clinical Procedures at a Glance (Paperback)
Jane Sturgess, Francesca Crawley, Ramez Kirollos, Kirsty Cattle
R1,011 Discovery Miles 10 110 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Applied Anatomy for Clinical Procedures at a Glance is a concise resource combining high-quality images and step-by-step instructions to provide expert guidance on the major core training pathways in medicine, surgery and anaesthesia. Written by an experienced team of Foundation Training programme directors and clinical skills examiners, this unique revision and learning guide aligns with training pathways rather than anatomical area to support Foundation doctors and core trainees master these vital clinical procedures. Succinct yet thorough descriptions of each procedure include photographs of surface anatomy, line diagrams of the anatomy, instructions on the procedural techniques, and practical tips for performing the procedures safely whilst minimising risks of complications. All major aspects of Foundation procedures and Core training in applied anatomy are covered, including catheterisation, ECGs, central venous cannulation, basic suturing and anastomotic techniques, endotracheal intubation, epidural injection and spinal injection, defibrillation, and many others. Helps Foundation doctors and Core trainees apply their medical school knowledge in clinical settings Explains the common anatomical pitfalls of invasive clinical procedures Features practice questions on anatomy and clinical aspects to aid in preparing for clinical skills examinations Includes sections on aftercare and on specific equipment, including manometers and underwater seals Applied Anatomy for Clinical Procedures at a Glance is ideal for Foundation doctors and Core trainees, as well as medical students, physician's assistants and surgical scrub practitioners.

How to Read a Paper - The Basics of Evidence-based Medicine and Healthcare (Paperback, 6th Edition): Trisha Greenhalgh How to Read a Paper - The Basics of Evidence-based Medicine and Healthcare (Paperback, 6th Edition)
Trisha Greenhalgh
R829 Discovery Miles 8 290 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Required reading in many medical and healthcare institutions, How to Read a Paper is a clear and wide-ranging introduction to evidence-based medicine and healthcare, helping readers to understand its central principles, critically evaluate published data, and implement the results in practical settings. Author Trisha Greenhalgh guides readers through each fundamental step of inquiry, from searching the literature to assessing methodological quality and appraising statistics. How to Read a Paper addresses the common criticisms of evidence-based healthcare, dispelling many of its myths and misconceptions, while providing a pragmatic framework for testing the validity of healthcare literature. Now in its sixth edition, this informative text includes new and expanded discussions of study bias, political interference in published reports, medical statistics, big data and more. Offers user-friendly guidance on evidence-based healthcare that is applicable to both experienced and novice readers Authored by an internationally recognised practitioner and researcher in evidence-based healthcare and primary care Includes updated references, additional figures, improved checklists and more How to Read a Paper is an ideal resource for healthcare students, practitioners and anyone seeking an accessible introduction to evidence-based healthcare.

Understanding the Prostate Paper Poster (Poster): Scientific Publishing Understanding the Prostate Paper Poster (Poster)
Scientific Publishing
R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Understanding the Prostate chart is an overview of a component of the male reproductive system. Zones of the prostate are shown, along with a diagram of a digital rectal exam. Additional graphics and text describe prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer. Heavy cover stock with protective varnish for durability.

Medical Statistics at a Glance (Paperback, 4th Edition): Aviva Petrie, Caroline Sabin Medical Statistics at a Glance (Paperback, 4th Edition)
Aviva Petrie, Caroline Sabin
R789 Discovery Miles 7 890 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in its fourth edition, Medical Statistics at a Glance is a concise and accessible introduction to this complex subject. It provides clear instruction on how to apply commonly used statistical procedures in an easy-to-read, comprehensive and relevant volume. This new edition continues to be the ideal introductory manual and reference guide to medical statistics, an invaluable companion for statistics lectures and a very useful revision aid. This new edition of Medical Statistics at a Glance Offers guidance on the practical application of statistical methods in conducting research and presenting results Explains the underlying concepts of medical statistics and presents the key facts without being unduly mathematical Contains succinct self-contained chapters, each with one or more examples, many of them new, to illustrate the use of the methodology described in the chapter. Now provides templates for critical appraisal, checklists for the reporting of randomized controlled trials and observational studies and references to the EQUATOR guidelines for the presentation of study results for many other types of study Includes extensive cross-referencing, flowcharts to aid the choice of appropriate tests, learning objectives for each chapter, a glossary of terms and a glossary of annotated full computer output relevant to the examples in the text Provides cross-referencing to the multiple choice and structured questions in the companion Medical Statistics at a Glance Workbook Medical Statistics at a Glance is a must-have text for undergraduate and post-graduate medical students, medical researchers and biomedical and pharmaceutical professionals.

The Cardiovascular System at a Glance (Paperback, 5th Edition): Philip I. Aaronson, Jeremy P. T. Ward, Michelle J Connolly The Cardiovascular System at a Glance (Paperback, 5th Edition)
Philip I. Aaronson, Jeremy P. T. Ward, Michelle J Connolly
R842 Discovery Miles 8 420 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Everything you need to know about the cardiovascular system... at a Glance! The Cardiovascular System at a Glance is the essential reference guide to understanding all things circulatory. Concise, accessible, and highly illustrated, this latest edition presents an integrated overview of the subject, from the basics through to application. Featuring brand new content on stroke, examination and imaging, heart block and ECGs, and myopathies and channelopathies, The Cardiovascular System at a Glance goes one step further and offers new and updated clinical case studies and multiple-choice questions on a supplementary website. Integrates basic science and clinical topics Offers bite-size chapters that make topics easy to digest Includes coverage of anatomy and histology, blood and haemostasis, cellular physiology, form and function, regulation and integration of cardiovascular function, history, examination and investigations, pathology and therapeutics Filled with highly visual, colour illustrations that enhance the text and help reinforce learning The fifth edition of The Cardiovascular System at a Glance is an ideal resource for medical students, junior doctors, students of other health professions, and specialist cardiology nurses.

Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry - A Clinical Approach (Paperback, Fifth, International Edition): Michael Lieberman,... Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry - A Clinical Approach (Paperback, Fifth, International Edition)
Michael Lieberman, Alisa Peet
R1,557 R1,336 Discovery Miles 13 360 Save R221 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Connect biochemistry to clinical practice!" Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry links biochemistry to physiology and pathophysiology, allowing students to apply fundamental concepts to the practice of medicine - from diagnosing patients to recommending effective treatments. Intuitively organized chapters center on hypothetical patient vignettes, highlighting the material's clinical applications; helpful icons allow for smooth navigation, making complex concepts easier to grasp. Full-color illustrations make chemical structures and biochemical pathways easy to visualize. Patient vignettes connect biochemistry to human health and disease. Clinical Notes explain patient signs or symptoms, and Method Notes relate biochemistry to the laboratory tests ordered during diagnosis. Clinical Comments link biochemical dynamics to treatment options and patient outcomes. Biochemical Comments explore directions for new research. Key Concepts and Summary Disease tables highlight the take-home messages in each chapter. Questions and answers at the end of each chapter - 470 total inside the book, with 560 more online - probe students' mastery of key concepts. Additional handy resources available online make it easy to review all diseases and all methods covered throughout the book and to find references for further information and study

ABC of Clinical Professionalism (Paperback): Nicola Cooper, Anna Frain, John Frain ABC of Clinical Professionalism (Paperback)
Nicola Cooper, Anna Frain, John Frain
R735 Discovery Miles 7 350 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Clinical professionalism is a set of values, behaviours and relationships which underpins the public's trust in healthcare providers both as individuals and organisations. 'First, do no harm' is expressed most clearly today in the patient safety movement and the imperative for transparency and candour in the delivery of healthcare. Professional conduct is essential for safe and high quality clinical care. The ABC of Clinical Professionalism considers recent evidence on how healthcare practitioners maintain professionalism including how values are developed and affected by the working environment, the challenges of maintaining personal and organisational resilience and the ethical and regulatory framework in which practice is conducted. Topics covered include: Acquiring and developing professional values Patient-centred care Burnout and resilience Confidentiality and social media The culture of healthcare Ensuring patient safety Leadership and collaboration Ethical and legal aspects of professionalism Teaching and assessing professionalism Regulation of healthcare professionals The chapter authors come from a range of countries and have experience of working in multidisciplinary clinical teams, research, and in the training of future healthcare practitioners including their development as professionals.

Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System (Hardcover, 13th Edition): James S. Dooley, Anna S F Lok, Guadalupe... Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System (Hardcover, 13th Edition)
James S. Dooley, Anna S F Lok, Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao, Massimo Pinzani
R3,625 Discovery Miles 36 250 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A new, fully updated edition of the world's most famous book on liver diseases--with updating of all areas and inclusion of new specific topics, by internationally renowned specialists This brand new edition of the classic book on hepatology provides a concise, clearly presented and well-structured review across the whole spectrum of hepatobiliary diseases by some of the world's leading hepatologists and hepatobiliary specialists. Where many other hepatology textbooks provide detailed accounts of basic science and clinical management, Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System, 13th Edition takes a different approach. Concentrating on the clinical decisions to be taken and the relevant supporting data, it is written and edited to maintain Sheila Sherlock's unique approach, in particular the clarity and layout of the text, and the explanatory figures and tables. The book is thus concise, highly accessible, and generously illustrated with over 700 attractive color figures. There is a pithy approach to each disease based both on evidence and on the authors' experience, the hallmark of this book. Based on these elements, the 12th edition was awarded first prize in the 2012 British Medical Association Book Awards in the Internal Medicine category. Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System begins by introducing the anatomy and function of the liver to readers, continuing then with in-depth coverage of liver biopsy techniques and interpretation, and fibrogenesis and its assessment. There are then chapters on all aspects of liver and biliary disease including acute liver failure, cirrhosis, portal hypertension, hepatic encephalopathy, ascites, hepatitis B and C, alcohol and the liver, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, drug related liver reactions, cholestatic, autoimmune and genetic liver diseases, benign and malignant tumours and not least liver transplantation. There are also chapters on the liver in pregnancy, in the neonate, infancy and childhood, in systemic diseases and in infections. This new edition also features four new individual chapters focusing on coagulation, non-invasive assessment of fibrosis and cirrhosis; vascular diseases of the liver and portal vein thrombosis, and nutrition in liver disease. Digital downloads of the figures from this edition are offered on a companion website. Internationally recognized and loved, world-renowned hepatology book, first published in 1955 Takes a one-of-a-kind, clinical approach maintaining Sheila Sherlock's clarity and legacy of presentation Full colour throughout with 700 illustrative figures Wide faculty of international contributors Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System, 13th Edition is an ideal primer in hepatology for students and trainees in hepatology and gastroenterology, and a valuable resource for all specialist gastroenterologists and hepatologists, paediatricians, pathologists, radiologists, general physicians and specialist nurses.

Practicing Patient Safety in Psychiatry (Paperback): Geetha Jayaram Practicing Patient Safety in Psychiatry (Paperback)
Geetha Jayaram
R1,027 Discovery Miles 10 270 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Practicing Patient Safety in Psychiatry covers all problematic aspects of care delivery in an easy-to-read format. Both portable and practical, this easily referenced guide book is designed for psychiatric residents and clinicals looking to improve their understanding of critical care. Featuring a wide variety of case-studiy examples and take-home points, this book is an essential introduction of patient safety for practitioners looking to deliver the highest quality of care in both inpatient and outpatient environments. Dr. Geetha Jayaram has been the Physician Advisor for the department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 21 years, and the Chair Of the International Patient Safety committee for the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Jayaram is an outstanding clinician who has thought patient safety to residents and faculty for two dedcades. She is a pioneer in the field of psychiatric pateint safety, and has been invited to teach safety both nationally and internationally for many years.

MRI in Practice (Paperback, 5th Edition): Catherine Westbrook, John Talbot MRI in Practice (Paperback, 5th Edition)
Catherine Westbrook, John Talbot
R1,112 R980 Discovery Miles 9 800 Save R132 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

MRI in Practice continues to be the number one reference book and study guide for the registry review examination for MRI offered by the American Registry for Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). This latest edition offers in-depth chapters covering all core areas, including: basic principles, image weighting and contrast, spin and gradient echo pulse sequences, spatial encoding, k-space, protocol optimization, artefacts, instrumentation, and MRI safety. The leading MRI reference book and study guide. Now with a greater focus on the physics behind MRI. Offers, for the first time, equations and their explanations and scan tips. Brand new chapters on MRI equipment, vascular imaging and safety. Presented in full color, with additional illustrations and high-quality MRI images to aid understanding. Includes refined, updated and expanded content throughout, along with more learning tips and practical applications. Features a new glossary. MRI in Practice is an important text for radiographers, technologists, radiology residents, radiologists, and other students and professionals working within imaging, including medical physicists and nurses.

Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Graham R. Foster, K. Rajender Reddy Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Graham R. Foster, K. Rajender Reddy
R1,961 Discovery Miles 19 610 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The only evidence-based book to approach viral liver disease by focusing exclusively on the clinical dilemmas encountered by hepatologists and their medical teams Although viral hepatitis is a growing public health risk around the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) views the elimination of hepatitis infection over the next several as an achievable goal. Effective pharmaceutical therapies are now available, yet medical teams caring for patients with viral hepatitis are challenged when looking for answers to specific questions in the current medical literature. The second edition of Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease provides evidence-based guidance for medical teams involved in diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with viral liver disease. This fully updated book explores developments in new treatments and new diagnostic approaches that are contributing to WHO goals of viral elimination. Brief, easily referenced chapters examine clearly defined topics, addressing the clinical questions and difficulties encountered by medical teams in day-to-day practice. Contributions by an international team of investigators and clinicians address clinical questions and issues which are seldom found in standard textbooks and online repositories. Offering practical guidance on the specific challenges and dilemmas of treating viral liver disease, this unique volume: Provides practical, evidence-based guidance on topical and controversial issues Addresses understudied questions that arise in day-to-day clinical practice Discusses the challenges surrounding global elimination programs Presents focused approach that is supported by current literature and expert opinion The second edition of Clinical Dilemmas in Viral Liver Disease is required reading for practicing and trainee hepatologists, gastroenterologists, transplant surgeons, virologists, and other practitioners involved in caring for patients with liver disease.

Molecular Medicine - An Introduction (Paperback): Jens Kurreck, Cy Aaron Stein Molecular Medicine - An Introduction (Paperback)
Jens Kurreck, Cy Aaron Stein
R2,144 R1,968 Discovery Miles 19 680 Save R176 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Easy to read, yet comprehensive, this is the perfect introduction into the molecular basis of disease and the novel treatment options that have become available. The authors, Jens Kurreck and Cy Stein, have both long-standing teaching experience on the subject, one from a biologist's angle, the other with a medical background. Together, they have produced a modern textbook for courses in Molecular Medicine that incorporates modules from immunology to signaling, from virology to gene therapy, and the latest development in personalized medicine.

Occupational Health Law (Hardcover, 6th Edition): Diana Kloss Occupational Health Law (Hardcover, 6th Edition)
Diana Kloss
R2,926 Discovery Miles 29 260 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Comprehensive, accessible, and grounded in case law, Occupational Health Law has been an established authority in the field for over thirty years, and continues to provide practical coverage of occupational health, incorporating changes in the legal framework to reflect the very latest developments. The sixth edition of this indispensable reference work includes substantial new information on European law, the legal and ethical duties of occupational health professionals, medical records and confidentiality, data protection, compensation for work-related injury, the gig economy, the Equality Act and disability discrimination, and much more. Covers the provision of occupational health services, the legal liability of occupational health professionals, confidentiality, health surveillance, compensation and equal opportunity legislation Includes extensively revised content which aligns with current legislation and case law Contains new chapter summaries and highlighted key information boxes throughout Occupational Health Law, Sixth Edition, is the definitive resource for occupational health and safety professionals, from nurses, physicians and safety officers to HR managers, policy makers, risk managers, and employment lawyers.

The Secret Language of Doctors - Cracking the Code of Hospital Culture (Paperback): Brian Goldman The Secret Language of Doctors - Cracking the Code of Hospital Culture (Paperback)
Brian Goldman
R406 R347 Discovery Miles 3 470 Save R59 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Essential Primary Care (Paperback): Andrew Blythe, Jessica Buchan Essential Primary Care (Paperback)
Andrew Blythe, Jessica Buchan
R1,100 Discovery Miles 11 000 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Essential Primary Care aims to provide undergraduate students with a comprehensive overview of the clinical problems encountered in primary care. It covers the structure of primary care in the UK, disease prevention and the management of common and important clinical presentations from infancy to old age. Case studies are used in every chapter to illustrate key learning points. The book provides practical advice on how to consult with patients, make sense of their symptoms, explain things to them, and manage their problems. Essential Primary Care: Is structured in five sections: - The building blocks of primary care: its structure and connection with secondary care, the consultation, the process of making a diagnosis, prescribing, and ethical issues - Health promotion - Common and important presenting problems in roughly chronological order - Cancer - Death and palliative care Gives advice on how to phrase questions when consulting with patients and how to present information to patients Provides advice on how management extends to prescribing - often missing from current textbooks Contains case studies within each chapter which reflect the variety of primary care and provide top tips and advice for consulting with patients Supported by a companion website at www.wileyessential.com/primarycare featuring MCQs, EMQs, cases and OSCE checklists

How to Succeed at Medical School - An Essential Guide to Learning (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Dason Evans, Jo Brown How to Succeed at Medical School - An Essential Guide to Learning (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Dason Evans, Jo Brown
R607 Discovery Miles 6 070 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Can you adapt to the wide variety of learning environments in medicine? Can you show your best abilities in the exams at the same time as learning to be a doctor? Can you balance your studies with an enjoyable social life? Can you develop your professionalism and manage your 'digital footprint'? How to Succeed at Medical School will help you learn these vital skills, and much more. Written by experienced medical school teachers and packed full of case studies, illustrations, quotes from other students, tip boxes, exercises, portfolios and learning techniques to help you communicate, study and revise - it s an essential resource to help you thrive at medical school. This thoroughly updated second edition includes new chapters on Professionalism and Teaching, and provides invaluable insight into what to expect from the start of medical school right through to the start of your medical career.

TNM Supplement - A Commentary on Uniform Use (Paperback, 5th Edition): Christian Wittekind, James D. Brierley, Anne Lee,... TNM Supplement - A Commentary on Uniform Use (Paperback, 5th Edition)
Christian Wittekind, James D. Brierley, Anne Lee, Elisabeth van Eycken
R956 Discovery Miles 9 560 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Union for International Cancer Controls (UICC) TNM classification system is the most widely used cancer classification and staging system in the world. It is used to describe the anatomical extent of disease and it is essential to patient care, research and cancer control. This fifth edition of the TNM Supplement: A Commentary of Uniform Use offers practitioners a wealth of material intended to complement the systems day-to-day use. The volume features: Updated definitions of terms used in cancer staging. New sections on carcinomas of the thymus, sarcomas of the spine and pelvis and soft tissue sarcomas of the head and neck, and comprehensive updates to the head and neck carcinomas, carcinomas of the lung and neuroendocrine tumours sections. Frequently asked questions from the UICC helpdesk. The Supplement may be treated as a companion text to the recent eighth edition of the TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours (978-1-119-26357-9), supporting the correct and uniform application of the TNM classification system. The TNM Supplement can also be utilised as a standalone book, providing explanations and examples to answer many questions that arise during the daily use of the TNM cancer classification and staging system, particularly in unusual cases.

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