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Hayes' Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology (Hardcover, 3rd edition): Robert Krieger Hayes' Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology (Hardcover, 3rd edition)
Robert Krieger
R12,662 R10,571 Discovery Miles 105 710 Save R2,091 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The "Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology" is a comprehensive, two-volume reference guide to the properties, effects, and regulation of pesticides that provides the latest and most complete information to researchers investigating the environmental, agricultural, veterinary, and human-health impacts of pesticide use. Written by international experts from academia, government, and the private sector, the "Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology" is an in-depth examination of critical issues related to the need for, use of, and nature of chemicals used in modern pest management. This updated 3e carries on the book s tradition of serving as the definitive reference on pesticide toxicology and recognizes the seminal contribution of Wayland J. Hayes, Jr., co-Editor of the first edition.
Feature: Presents a comprehensive look at all aspects of pesticide toxicology in one reference work.
Benefit: Saves researchers time in quickly accessing the very latest definitive details on toxicity of specific pesticides as opposed to searching through thousands of journal articles.

Feature: Clear exposition of hazard identification and dose response relationships in each chapter featuring pesticide agents and actions
Benefit: Connects the experimental laboratory results to real-life applications in human health, animal health and the environment.

Feature: All major classes of pesticide considered.
Benefit: Provides relevance to a wider variety of researchers who are conducting comparative work in pesticides or their health impacts.

Feature: Different routes of exposure critically evaluated.
Benefit: Connects the loop between exposure and harmful affects to those who are researching the affects of pesticides on humans or wildlife.

Brewing in Cheshire (Paperback, UK ed.): Paul Hurley Brewing in Cheshire (Paperback, UK ed.)
Paul Hurley
R417 R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Cheshire at one time was an important contributor to the brewing industry, with the epicentre being Warrington. From old photographs, we see that many northern pubs (especially those in Liverpool) bore the words 'Walkers Warrington Ales' in large letters, the company later becoming Tetley Walker. Then there was G. & J. Greenall, the famous Warrington distillery with those iconic advertisements spoken in a Russian accent: 'Vladivar Wodka from Varrington'. Their brewing arm was Greenall Whitley Ltd, which was founded by Thomas Greenall in 1762. The company went from strength to strength, adding surrounding brewing companies to its portfolio. Another well-loved Warrington brewery was Burtonwood, with its famous Burtonwood ales. The large Burtonwood brewery site is now shared by Thomas Hardy Holdings and the Molson Coors Brewing Company. It is the latter that now continues the tradition of brewing at this location. So from 1867 to the present day, the village of Burtonwood has been a byword for excellent ales and stout. In this title, Paul Hurley explores the rise and fall of these brewing companies and others, while highlighting the wealth of excellent small breweries, first-class micro-breweries, and pubs with their own micro-breweries, that Cheshire still has to offer nowadays.

DARK Chocolate - A Guide to Artisan Chocolatiers (Hardcover): Steve Huyton DARK Chocolate - A Guide to Artisan Chocolatiers (Hardcover)
Steve Huyton
R573 R464 Discovery Miles 4 640 Save R109 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What happens when a modern-day penchant aligns with artisanal tradition? Revival. Any chocolate enthusiast will know that the enjoyment of dark chocolate is akin to that of fine wine, consumed with contemplation and appreciation for the process and ingredients. Dark Chocolate is a thoughtfully curated book featuring over 40 chocolate makers from across the globe, each with philosophies underpinned by fair trade practices and a commitment to the craft of bean-to-bar chocolate making. Laden with beautiful photographs, Dark Chocolate is an accessible go-to guide for dark chocolate connoisseurs and novices alike.

Applications of Metaheuristics in Process Engineering (Hardcover, 2014): Jayaraman Valadi, Patrick Siarry Applications of Metaheuristics in Process Engineering (Hardcover, 2014)
Jayaraman Valadi, Patrick Siarry
R3,274 R2,080 Discovery Miles 20 800 Save R1,194 (36%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Metaheuristics exhibit desirable properties like simplicity, easy parallelizability and ready applicability to different types of optimization problems such as real parameter optimization, combinatorial optimization and mixed integer optimization. They are thus beginning to play a key role in different industrially important process engineering applications, among them the synthesis of heat and mass exchange equipment, synthesis of distillation columns and static and dynamic optimization of chemical and bioreactors.

This book explains cutting-edge research techniques in related computational intelligence domains and their applications in real-world process engineering. It will be of interest to industrial practitioners and research academics.

Study Guide for Alive and Well at the End of the Day - The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in Operations... Study Guide for Alive and Well at the End of the Day - The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in Operations (Paperback)
Paul D. Balmert
R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Study Guide is designed as a teaching aid to be used in conjunction with the book Alive and Well at the End of the Day: The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in Operations, written by Paul D. Balmert. The book is designed to teach front-line supervisors of workers in a wide range of industries how to help and guide their employees to understand the risks involved in the various aspects of their work, and how to cope with those risks and to plan and execute their jobs in ways that can help eliminate accidents. Created by the highly experienced training specialists of Balmert Consulting, the Study Guide utilizes training best practices to help affix the principals of Alive and Well at the End of the Day: The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in Operations in the minds of the reader. The use of strategically-crafted questions both at the beginning and end of each review session allows the reader to work with the material and become more familiar with it. The book was developed in response to multiple requests from readers of Alive and Well at the End of the Day: The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in Operations who enthusiastic about the messages and ideas in the book wanted to find ways to make it become part of their operation s safety culture and practices. For more information on Alive and Well at the End of the Day: The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in Operations visit: http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-047046707X.html

Syracuse China (Hardcover, New): Cleota Reed Syracuse China (Hardcover, New)
Cleota Reed
R1,415 R1,083 Discovery Miles 10 830 Save R332 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Of great importance to scholars, collectors, dealers, and others interested in the history of ceramics, the decorative arts, and industrial culture, Syracuse China examines the birth, growth, and remarkable resilience over more than a century of one of America's major manufacturers of ceramic tableware. Drawing on the company's archives and historical collection of ware, the authors explore not only the history of its products but also the people who designed, made, decorated, sold, and used them.

Syracuse China was the pioneer manufacturer of a distinctively American type of vitrified fine china, as well as the first American "rolled edge" shapes which revolutionized hotel and restaurant dining. The company was also a great leader in labor relations and marketing within its industry.

Cleota Reed and Stan Skoczen's lively account of this fascinating chapter in the history of American material culture spans the Victorian age to the present. Collectors and enthusiasts will find the following features invaluable:
-- 30 color plates
-- 128 black-and-white photographs
-- A comprehensive visual listing of Syracuse China's back stamps
-- An appendix that enables the reader to identify Syracuse China shapes and patterns.

Chemical Looping Partial Oxidation - Gasification, Reforming, and Chemical Syntheses (Hardcover): Liang-Shih Fan Chemical Looping Partial Oxidation - Gasification, Reforming, and Chemical Syntheses (Hardcover)
Liang-Shih Fan
R2,858 R2,677 Discovery Miles 26 770 Save R181 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is the first comprehensive guide to the principles and techniques of chemical looping partial oxidation. With authoritative explanations from a pioneer of the chemical looping process, you will: * Gain a holistic overview of metal oxide reaction engineering, with coverage of ionic diffusion, nanostructure formation, morphological evolution, phase equilibrium, and recyclability properties of metal oxides during redox reactions * Learn about the gasification of solid fuels, the reforming of natural gas, and the catalytic conversion of methane to olefins * Understand the importance of reactor design and process integration in enabling metal oxide oxygen carriers to produce desired products * Discover other applications of catalytic metal oxides, including the production of maleic anhydride and solar energy conversions Aspen Plus (R) simulation software and results accompany the book online. This is an invaluable reference for researchers and industry professionals in the fields of chemical, energy and environmental engineering, and students studying process design and optimization.

Food Packaging - Advanced Materials, Technologies, and Innovations (Hardcover): Sanjay Mavinkere Rangappa, Jyotishkumar... Food Packaging - Advanced Materials, Technologies, and Innovations (Hardcover)
Sanjay Mavinkere Rangappa, Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai, Senthil Muthu Kumar Thiagamani, Senthilkumar Krishnasamy, Suchart Siengchin
R3,120 Discovery Miles 31 200 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Food Packaging: Advanced Materials, Technologies, and Innovations is a one-stop reference for packaging materials researchers working across various industries. With chapters written by leading international researchers from industry, academia, government, and private research institutions, this book offers a broad view of important developments in food packaging. Presents an extensive survey of food packaging materials and modern technologies Demonstrates the potential of various materials for use in demanding applications Discusses the use of polymers, composites, nanotechnology, hybrid materials, coatings, wood-based, and other materials in packaging Describes biodegradable packaging, antimicrobial studies, and environmental issues related to packaging materials Offers current status, trends, opportunities, and future directions Aimed at advanced students, research scholars, and professionals in food packaging development, this application-oriented book will help expand the reader's knowledge of advanced materials and their use of innovation in food packaging.

Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation (Paperback, 2nd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition): Jurgen Gmehling,... Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation (Paperback, 2nd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition)
Jurgen Gmehling, Michael Kleiber, Barbel Kolbe, Jurgen Rarey
R2,806 R2,363 Discovery Miles 23 630 Save R443 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The only textbook that applies thermodynamics to real-world process engineering problems This must-read for advanced students and professionals alike is the first book to demonstrate how chemical thermodynamics work in the real world by applying them to actual engineering examples. It also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the particular models and procedures, and explains the most important models that are applied in process industry. All the topics are illustrated with examples that are closely related to practical process simulation problems. At the end of each chapter, additional calculation examples are given to enable readers to extend their comprehension. Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation instructs on the behavior of fluids for pure fluids, describing the main types of equations of state and their abilities. It discusses the various quantities of interest in process simulation, their correlation, and prediction in detail. Chapters look at the important terms for the description of the thermodynamics of mixtures; the most important models and routes for phase equilibrium calculation; models which are applicable to a wide variety of non-electrolyte systems; membrane processes; polymer thermodynamics; enthalpy of reaction; chemical equilibria, and more. -Explains thermodynamic fundamentals used in process simulation with solved examples -Includes new chapters about modern measurement techniques, retrograde condensation, and simultaneous description of chemical equilibrium -Comprises numerous solved examples, which simplify the understanding of the often complex calculation procedures, and discusses advantages and disadvantages of models and procedures -Includes estimation methods for thermophysical properties and phase equilibria thermodynamics of alternative separation processes -Supplemented with MathCAD-sheets and DDBST programs for readers to reproduce the examples Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation is an ideal resource for those working in the fields of process development, process synthesis, or process optimization, and an excellent book for students in the engineering sciences.

The Evolution of Drug Discovery - From Traditional Medicines to Modern Drugs (Hardcover): Enrique Ravina The Evolution of Drug Discovery - From Traditional Medicines to Modern Drugs (Hardcover)
Enrique Ravina; Foreword by Hugo Kubinyi
R1,885 R1,637 Discovery Miles 16 370 Save R248 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The discovery and use of medicines is just as fascinating a human scientific endeavor as space flight or the tracing of human evolution. It is also the everyday task of hundreds of thousands of pharmacists, pharmaceutical chemists and researchers worldwide. Based on his profound knowledge of past and present paradigms in the development of medicines, Enrique Ravina takes the reader from the very beginnings of pharmacology to the multibillion-dollar business it represents today. Recounting the often spectacular successes and failures of innovative drugs as well as the people who discovered them, he brings abstract science to life in anecdotal form. For anyone with a more than superficial interest in the science of drugs and all those interested in knowing how drugs have been developed, how they have reached us, and became part of our daily life. This book is beautifully illustrated, containing many rare and historical photographs of drugs and their discoverers, and abounds with references to the primary literature, listing seminal publications alongside more modern reviews for readers seeking further details. With a Foreword by Hugo Kubinyi

True Beer - Inside the Small, Neighborhood Nanobreweries Changing the World of Craft Beer (Paperback): Timothy Sprinkle True Beer - Inside the Small, Neighborhood Nanobreweries Changing the World of Craft Beer (Paperback)
Timothy Sprinkle
R401 R375 Discovery Miles 3 750 Save R26 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the 1970s and '80s, the brewing industry shifted was from large corporate suppliers to smaller, independent "microbrewers," typified by producers such as the Boston Beer Company and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Today, the market is going even smaller with tiny, independent brewers setting up shop in neighborhood brew houses nationwide, focusing on crafting unique, flavorful brews specifically for their extremely local clientele. The reality is that beer is in the midst of a renaissance in this country, driven by a new class of these dedicated craft "nanobrewers" and growing communities of drinkers looking for something more from their daily brew something higher-quality, more unique, more local. These microbrewers rent out small spaces or buy industrial equipment to install in their garages. They're accountants, middle-school teachers, and plumbers who are passionate about beer and who dedicate their free time to producing three or so barrels of their own brew at a time. They sell their bottles to close friends and gift it to family members for birthdays and holidays. They enjoy what they do and they're proud of their product. What's it like inside these small-time brewing operations? What happens behind the scenes? What goes into making high-end craft beer on a small scale? True Beer takes an on-the-ground look at the ultra-small side of the craft brewing movement from the inside out by profiling a number of independent American breweries in detail and using that as a jumping-off point to examine the art and science of brewing, the local farmers and providers behind the scenes, the market itself as well as national trends in nanobrewing, and modern craft beer production.

Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2020 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020): Jian Li, Mingming Zhang, Bowen Li, Sergio... Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2020 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020)
Jian Li, Mingming Zhang, Bowen Li, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Shadia Ikhmayies, …
R9,157 Discovery Miles 91 570 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This collection gives broad and up-to-date results in the research and development of materials characterization and processing. Topics covered include advanced characterization methods, minerals, mechanical properties, coatings, polymers and composites, corrosion, welding, magnetic materials, and electronic materials. The book explores scientific processes to characterize materials using modern technologies, and focuses on the interrelationships and interdependence among processing, structure, properties, and performance of materials.

Food Science and Technology (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Geoffrey Campbell-Platt Food Science and Technology (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Geoffrey Campbell-Platt
R1,765 R1,609 Discovery Miles 16 090 Save R156 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Food Science and Technology is considered the flagship textbook for degree level studies in food science, supported by the International Union of Food Science and Technology. The comprehensive text and reference book is designed to cover all the essential elements of food science and technology, including all core aspects of major food science and technology degree programs being taught worldwide. This second edition sees major development of the book's accessibility and features as well as a greater use of colour, photos and illustrations to enhance the reader's learning experience and to appeal to students in the subject. The editor, Geoffrey Campbell-Platt, is a world-renowned food scientist with a long career in industry and academia, and is currently President of the world s biggest professional association for food science, the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). Each chapter is written by an expert in their chosen field, thus presenting a collection of authoritative authors in one volume, suitable for food science and technology degree programmes and food industry professionals. About IUFoST The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) is a country-membership organisation representing some 65 member countries, and around 200,000 food scientists and technologists worldwide. IUFoST is the global voice of food science and technology, dedicated to promoting the sharing of knowledge and good practice in food science and technology internationally. IUFoST organises World Congresses of Food Science and Technology, and has established the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST) to which eminent food scientists can be elected by peer review. For further information about IUFoST and its activities, visit: www.iufost.org

Protein Chromatography - Process Development and Scale-Up (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Giorgio Carta, Alois Jungbauer Protein Chromatography - Process Development and Scale-Up (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Giorgio Carta, Alois Jungbauer
R3,804 Discovery Miles 38 040 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

An all-in-one practical guide on how to efficiently use chromatographic separation methods Based on a training course that teaches the theoretical as well as practical aspects of protein bioseparation to bioprocess professionals, this fully updated and revised new edition offers comprehensive coverage of continuous chromatography and provides readers with many relevant examples from the biopharmaceutical industry. Divided into two large parts, Protein Chromatography: Process Development and Scale-Up, Second Edition presents all the necessary knowledge for effective process development in chromatographic bioseparation, both on small and large scale. The first part introduces chromatographic theory, including process design principles, to enable the reader to rationalize the set-up of a bioseparation process. The second part illustrates by way of case studies and sample protocols how the theory learned in the first part may be applied to real-life problems. Chapters look at: Downstream Processing of Biotechnology Products; Chromatography Media; Laboratory and Process Columns and Equipment; Adsorption Equilibrium; Rate Processes; and Dynamics of Chromatography Columns. The book closes with chapters on: Effects of Dispersion and Rate Processes on Column Performance; Gradient Elution Chromatography; and Chromatographic Column Design and Optimization. -Presents the most pertinent examples from the biopharmaceutical industry, including monoclonal antibodies -Provides an overview of the field along with design tools and examples illustrating the advantages of continuous processing in biopharmaceutical productions -Focuses on process development and large-scale bioseparation tasks, making it an ideal guide for the professional bioengineer in the biotech and pharma industries -Offers field-tested information based on decades of training courses for biotech and chemical engineers in Europe and the U.S. Protein Chromatography: Process Development and Scale-Up, Second Edition will appeal to biotechnologists, analytical chemists, chromatographers, chemical engineers, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnological industry, and biochemists.

The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition (Hardcover): Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition (Hardcover)
Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson
R1,576 R1,214 Discovery Miles 12 140 Save R362 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

2020 JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER JANCIS ROBINSON - 2020 JAMES BEARD COOKBOOK HALL OF FAME HONOREE "The most useful single volume on wine ever published... If I owned only one wine book, it would be this one." - Andrew Jefford, Decanter Few wine books can be called classic, but the first edition of The World Atlas of Wine made publishing history when it appeared in 1971. It is recognized by critics as the essential and most authoritative wine reference work available. This eighth edition will bring readers, both old and new, up to date with the world of wine. To reflect all the changes in the global wine scene over the past six years, the Atlas has grown in size to 416 pages and 22 new maps have been added to the wealth of superb cartography in the book. The text has been given a complete overhaul to address the topics of most vital interest to today's wine-growers and drinkers. With beautiful photography throughout, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson, the world's most respected wine-writing duo, have once again joined forces to create a classic that no wine lover can afford to be without. "The World Atlas of Wine is the single most important reference book on the shelf of any wine student." - Eric Asimov, New York Times "Like a good bottle of wine, you'll find yourself going back to it again and again... Perfect for anyone who has a thirst for greater wine knowledge." - Edward Deitch, NBC/today.com "The World Atlas of Wine belongs on your shelf... The essential rootstock of any true wine lover's library. A multi-layered snapshot of wine and how it has evolved." - Dave McIntyre, Washington Post Winner Andre Simon Award Best Drinks Book of 2019 Shortlisted for the Louis Roederer Wine Book of the Year 2020

Liquid Soapmaking - Tips, Techniques and Recipes for Creating All Manner of Liquid and Soft Soap Naturally! (Paperback): Jackie... Liquid Soapmaking - Tips, Techniques and Recipes for Creating All Manner of Liquid and Soft Soap Naturally! (Paperback)
Jackie Thompson; Edited by Kerri Mixon; Designed by Rd Studio
R652 Discovery Miles 6 520 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Chemical Processes for Pollution Prevention and Control (Hardcover): Paul Mac Berthouex, Linfield C. Brown Chemical Processes for Pollution Prevention and Control (Hardcover)
Paul Mac Berthouex, Linfield C. Brown
R2,349 Discovery Miles 23 490 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book examines how chemistry, chemical processes, and transformations are used for pollution prevention and control. Pollution prevention reduces or eliminates pollution at the source, whereas pollution control involves destroying, reducing, or managing pollutants that cannot be eliminated at the source. Applications of environmental chemistry are further illustrated by nearly 150 figures, numerous example calculations, and several case studies designed to develop analytical and problem solving skills. The book presents a variety of practical applications and is unique in its integration of pollution prevention and control, as well as air, water, and solid waste management.

What Went Wrong? - Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters and How They Could Have Been Avoided (Hardcover, 6th edition):... What Went Wrong? - Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters and How They Could Have Been Avoided (Hardcover, 6th edition)
Trevor Kletz, Paul Amyotte
R2,832 R2,150 Discovery Miles 21 500 Save R682 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What Went Wrong? 6th Edition provides a complete analysis of the design, operational, and management causes of process plant accidents and disasters. Co-author Paul Amyotte has built on Trevor Kletz's legacy by incorporating questions and personal exercises at the end of each major book section. Case histories illustrate what went wrong and why it went wrong, and then guide readers in how to avoid similar tragedies and learn without having to experience the loss incurred by others. Updated throughout and expanded, this sixth edition is the ultimate resource of experienced-based analysis and guidance for safety and loss prevention professionals.

Springer Handbook of Odor (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Andrea Buttner Springer Handbook of Odor (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Andrea Buttner
R7,555 R5,902 Discovery Miles 59 020 Save R1,653 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Springer Handbook of Odor is the definitive guide to all aspects related to the study of smell and their impact on human life. For the first time, this handbook aligns the senso-chemo-analytical characterization of everyday smells encountered by mankind, with the elucidation of perceptual, hedonic, behavioral and physiological responses of humans to such odors. From birth onwards we learn to interact with our environment using our sense of smell. Moreover, evolutionary processes have engendered a multi-faceted communication that is supported - even dominated - by olfaction. This compilation examines the responses of humans to odors at different stages of life, thereby building a foundation for a widely overseen area of research with broader ramifications for human life. The expert international authors and editor align aspects, concepts, methodologies and perspectives from a broad range of different disciplines related to the science of smell. These include chemistry, physiology, psychology, material sciences, technology but also disciplines related to linguistics, culture, art and design. This handbook, edited by an internationally renowned aroma scientist with the support of an outstanding team of over 60 authors, is an authoritative reference for researchers in the field of odors both in academia and in industry and is also a useful reference for newcomers to the area.

Craft Beer - More Than 100 of the World's Top Craft Beers (Paperback, Epub Edition): Dominic Roskrow, Collins Books Craft Beer - More Than 100 of the World's Top Craft Beers (Paperback, Epub Edition)
Dominic Roskrow, Collins Books
R199 R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Save R50 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This beautifully presented Little Book is an excellent introduction to the world of craft beer including the major UK, US, and European microbreweries. It includes a fascinating history of the product, how it's made, how best to drink it and details of the world's finest craft beers. The book includes a description of more than 100 of the very best craft beers in the world including details of the different varieties and what distinguishes them. It is completely up-to-date, including details of new and emerging beers and microbreweries. What's more, an introduction explores the current craft beer boom and how brewers are coping with this surge in demand,making this attractive Little Book a great introduction for anyone looking to learn about the history past and present of craft beer. And also how best to enjoy it!

Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering (Hardcover): M Chidambaram Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering (Hardcover)
M Chidambaram
R1,892 R1,787 Discovery Miles 17 870 Save R105 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written in a clear, logical and concise manner, this comprehensive resource provides discussion on essential mathematical tools, required for upgraded system performance. Understanding of basic principles and governing laws is essential to reduce complexity of the system, and this guide offers detailed discussion on analytical and numerical techniques to solve mathematical model equations. Important concepts including nonlinear algebraic equations, initial value ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and boundary value ODEs are discussed in detail. The concepts of optimization methods and sensitivity analysis, which are important from subject point of view, are explained with suitable examples. Numerous problems and MATLAB (R)/Scilab exercises are interspersed throughout the text. Several case studies involving full details of simulation are offered for better understanding. The accompanying website will host additional MATLAB (R)/Scilab problems, model question papers, simulation exercises, tutorials and projects. This book will be useful for students of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, instrumentation engineering and mathematics.

Brewing in Burton-upon-Trent (Paperback): Ian Webster Brewing in Burton-upon-Trent (Paperback)
Ian Webster
R417 R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Brewing in Burton upon Trent tells the story of the Brewing Capital of the World. Back in the twelfth century the Abbots of Burton began to produce beer; the dissolution of the Abbey in the sixteenth century saw inns and alehouses appear, many selling beer brewed on site. The first recognisable brewery was Benjamin Printon's, established on Horninglow Street in around 1708. By 1780 there were thirteen, many exporting their ale to the Baltic and all using the water taken from wells deep under the town. By the 1820s a new market had opened up - India: Allsopp's, Bass and Salt's quickly began to export India Pale Ale. The Trent & Mersey Canal, built in 1774-75, allowed further expansion, but it was the coming of the railway in 1839 that led to massive growth - by 1888 there were thirty-one breweries employing over 8,000 men producing over three million barrels per annum. The twentieth century saw bankruptcies and mergers, and the formation of giants Bass Charrington Ltd, Allied Breweries Ltd and Marston, Thompson & Evershed Ltd. Today Burton still has a vibrant industry - Marston's, Molson Coors and the smaller concerns Burton Bridge, Tower, Heritage, Black Hole, Gates, Old Cottage and the newest addition Burton Town.

Scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) Cultivars of India: A Perspective on Quality and Diversity (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016):... Scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) Cultivars of India: A Perspective on Quality and Diversity (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Altafhusain Nadaf, Sarika Mathure, Narendra Jawali
R3,518 R3,177 Discovery Miles 31 770 Save R341 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book represents an original research contribution in the area of aroma volatile biochemistry and the molecular analysis of basmati and non-basmati rice cultivars of India. It demonstrates the utility of headspace-solid phase micro extraction (HS-SPME) coupled with the gas chromatography-flame ionization detection (GC-FID) method, an approach that can help to understand not only the different volatiles contributing to pleasant aroma but also the volatile profile that generates the characteristic cultivar-specific aroma. In addition, the book provides detailed information on diversity, grain morphology, physico-chemical and cooking quality assessment, genetic diversity assessment and marker validation for important quality parameters. As such, it offers a valuable ready reference for agriculture scientists, biochemists, researchers and students involved in quality parameters of rice at the regional and global level.

Non-Local Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and Biology - Mathematical Modeling and Analysis (Hardcover, 1st ed.... Non-Local Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and Biology - Mathematical Modeling and Analysis (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Nikos I. Kavallaris, Takashi Suzuki
R3,514 R2,655 Discovery Miles 26 550 Save R859 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book presents new developments in non-local mathematical modeling and mathematical analysis on the behavior of solutions with novel technical tools. Theoretical backgrounds in mechanics, thermo-dynamics, game theory, and theoretical biology are examined in details. It starts off with a review and summary of the basic ideas of mathematical modeling frequently used in the sciences and engineering. The authors then employ a number of models in bio-science and material science to demonstrate applications, and provide recent advanced studies, both on deterministic non-local partial differential equations and on some of their stochastic counterparts used in engineering. Mathematical models applied in engineering, chemistry, and biology are subject to conservation laws. For instance, decrease or increase in thermodynamic quantities and non-local partial differential equations, associated with the conserved physical quantities as parameters. These present novel mathematical objects are engaged with rich mathematical structures, in accordance with the interactions between species or individuals, self-organization, pattern formation, hysteresis. These models are based on various laws of physics, such as mechanics of continuum, electro-magnetic theory, and thermodynamics. This is why many areas of mathematics, calculus of variation, dynamical systems, integrable systems, blow-up analysis, and energy methods are indispensable in understanding and analyzing these phenomena. This book aims for researchers and upper grade students in mathematics, engineering, physics, economics, and biology.

Mouthfeel - How Texture Makes Taste (Paperback): Ole Mouritsen, Klavs Styrbaek Mouthfeel - How Texture Makes Taste (Paperback)
Ole Mouritsen, Klavs Styrbaek; Translated by Mariela Johansen
R656 R592 Discovery Miles 5 920 Save R64 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Why is chocolate melting on the tongue such a decadent sensation? Why do we love crunching on bacon? Why is fizz-less soda such a disappointment to drink, and why is flat beer so unappealing to the palate? Our sense of taste produces physical and emotional reactions that cannot be explained by chemical components alone. Eating triggers our imagination, draws on our powers of recall, and activates our critical judgment, creating a unique impression in our mouths and our minds. How exactly does this alchemy work, and what are the larger cultural and environmental implications? Collaborating in the laboratory and the kitchen, Ole G. Mouritsen and Klavs Styrbaek investigate the multiple ways in which food texture influences taste. Combining scientific analysis with creative intuition and a sophisticated knowledge of food preparation, they write a one-of-a-kind book for food lovers and food science scholars. By mapping the mechanics of mouthfeel, Mouritsen and Styrbaek advance a greater awareness of its link to our culinary preferences. Gaining insight into the textural properties of raw vegetables, puffed rice, bouillon, or ice cream can help us make healthier and more sustainable food choices. Through mouthfeel, we can recreate the physical feelings of foods we love with other ingredients or learn to latch onto smarter food options. Mastering texture also leads to more adventurous gastronomic experiments in the kitchen, allowing us to reach even greater heights of taste sensation.

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T. S. Srivatsan, Manoj Gupta Hardcover R5,273 Discovery Miles 52 730
Environmental Sustainability for…
Greg Peters, Magdalena Svanstroem Paperback R1,141 R984 Discovery Miles 9 840
Chemical Process Design and Integration
Robin Smith Paperback R1,491 R1,372 Discovery Miles 13 720
Felder's Elementary Principles of…
Richard M. Felder, Ronald W Rousseau, … Paperback R1,334 R1,224 Discovery Miles 12 240
Chemical Engineering Design - SI Edition
Ray Sinnott, Gavin Towler Paperback R2,041 R1,835 Discovery Miles 18 350
Modern Wineries Of South Africa
Craig Fraser Hardcover R500 R410 Discovery Miles 4 100
Analytical Scientists in Pharmaceutical…
Kangping Xiao Hardcover R2,660 Discovery Miles 26 600